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Do you know what cryptocurrency is? Yes, like Bitcoin. How about beginning your own business earning Cryptocurrency? 

Well a new company launching on September 12, 2016 is combining training on cryptocurrency, bitcoin generation and raising money for real philanthropic projects. It is called GIFTOBIT! You can even select which project you wish to give money to. This business will help so many people around the world. 

How does it work? 

Well just imagine every person in the world gives you ($1.00) one dollar. Most people would find it pretty easy to give away that dollar and you would immediately become a billionaire. That sounds good and well but the question is; How could one possibly get every person on the planet to do that? Through the vision of a more caring world GIFTOBIT makes it easy! It is simple, you become a member, pay your 0.06 bitcoin into the system on launch day and so automatically support the chosen International Philanthropic Projects. You could literary receive 100’s of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin into your account in a very short time. The amounts will continue to grow day by day. People from all around the world will gladly send you contributions.


Launch day is Monday September 12, 2016 so make sure to get in now!!

For more information, visit: http://giftobit.com/?r=atesunate15

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Become a part of the growing community of members, from around the world and start supporting our Philanthropic projects. All of them have purchased our Crypto Currency Education package and entered into the (Plan A) Self Compounding Team Build Matrix.

Once you have entered the Team Build Matrix, you will start to receive Bitcoin contributions from members all around the world. To participate in the growth of the Team Build Matrix, we ask you to use your personal referral link and invite family and friends to join Giftobit.

After you have purchased your Education Package, you will be automatically placed in a Self-Compounding Matrix where 0.05 BTC will be contributed to your assigned up-line. Thanks to our unique technical solution, all Bitcoin transactions are automatically performed directly between our members, bypassing the company's account! 

Knowledge is Power. We strongly suggest you start your Crypto Currency Education as soon as possible. Now share the GIFTOBIT opportunity with family and friends, this way, you will be helping the Team Build Matrix to grow. Your will receive a bonus position in the Matrix for every 5 new paid members you refer to GIFTOBIT!!!

For more information, visit: 


Every time a member upgrades to a new level or purchases a new position in the Team Build Matrix, contributions flow up to you as the assigned up-line. You will receive Bitcoin contributions from all around the world. 75% of all your received contributions can be withdrawn at any time. 25% must be contributed to our Philanthropic Projects.

Receive Bitcoins instantly into your Bitcoin Wallets, quick and easily.!!


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