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Hello Everyone...My name is Anna Junker! I wanted to send you gratitude for stopping by and checking out what my home business opportunity with Q Sciences. I wanted to dedicate this post to introduce my 'Why".

I am a fourth generation Natural Health Consultant/Certified Iridologist/Crystal Healer, that has been blessed to have found a company and products that truly help people and assist them on their journey back to health no matter what walks of life they are from. I am a distributor of a health and wellness company called Q Sciences. My family and I take the products...in all my years of practice, I never imagined how much impact products can have on the body when the products are formulated to meet the body's functionality.

Joining Q Sciences as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I’ve tried a few other network marketing companies in the past but I never really felt I got the help and tools necessary to succeed. It was a buy this and I will get my commission and never hear from them again experience. With Q Sciences it’s totally different! They have all kinds of training videos, step by step guides, tools and support to the point that within months I am selling products all over the country and receiving a commission every week!

My Story:

I originally got involved with Q Sciences because of my experience in trying the product. Almost 3 years ago I got pregnant and it was an amazing experience. I had spent the previous year preparing my body and getting it to optimal health so that when I got pregnant the baby could thrive, my plan worked. It was as if I wasn't pregnant, that how great I felt. After my first born was born, stresses seemed to step in slowly which was normal for a first time mom...6 months later I got a surprise, I was pregnant again...6% of nursing moms get pregnant...lucky me. I was happy, sad and stressed because the prgnancy was nowhere near smooth like the first, it was chaos. After my second was born, my mental state was slipping. Being a holistic healer in all forms, I am not one for medications or western medicine period, but I was trying everything else with no success. A few friends of mine and my mother told me that I needed minerals to replenish all I had lost with my body going through two pregnancies and the babies taking everything out of me. But no complex or single minerals, herbs, oils worked. Energy therapies were keeping me sane, but I was tired...I just wanted to be me and be a good mom for my babies. My second born was not as easy as my first...so I tried some Emotion Code on him through a practitioner I found, but I knew deep down inside that if I didn't fix me, no method would stick. So I booked my appointment and she suggested Empowerplus Q96. I was skeptical to the max because I was aware that multi-vitamins were chunky, non absorbing and not balanced in formulation which means that if your not flushing them out, they are accumulating in your colon. But being I was at my wits end, I decided I should give it a try... Within 3 days of starting I felt calmer, but I thought it's in my head because I just needed something to work, but by the end of the week I noticed that the white spots on my nails were almost gone and by week two my hair stopped falling out it handfuls and I knew that my system was absorbing the Q96. By week three my saddness and anger seemed it was almost gone and I was feeling like me again. After 8 months of taking it, I feel healthier and happier than I've ever been. The added bonus is our water system which has allowed me to lessen my supplement dosages and feel even better. So in conclusion I know Q96 will help most people who desire to truly feel better and for others who are taking medications for mood disorders, there is a natural alternative for all who will do what it takes to transition from the medications to the Micronutrients found in Q96. Who knows it just might save a life, it saved mine and many of my clients as well!

My Background:

In my late teens, I began doing continuous studies of all the different abilities, gifts, and powers that people are born with. I studied basic psychology, parapsychology, kinesiology, crystal healing, anatomy and physiology and through all these years, I became aware that each and every one of us is special in our own way and sometimes we forget how magnificent and powerful we truly are! 

I had my own practice for 10 years in Edmonton being a Certified Iridologist & Herbalist. With all journey's everything must change and with the change I chose to pursue my life-long dream of moving to Vancouver, BC where I found my home, my serenity and started my new life. Along my adventure I added a new modality to my list, I became an Access Consciousness Bars TM Facilitator/Practitioner.With all the shifts and changes, I became a distributor of Q Sciences. To change the world, we must be the change. Because I hold very true to my heart with this statement, I found a company that holds true to this as well.

I wish you all an amazing day and hope to connect with you soon.

Find me on either of my Facebook Pages: Anna Q Sciences Or Change Your Life With...

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With Gratitude,

Anna Junker

This article was published on 05.03.2016 by Anna Junker
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