Today's Prospect's Stories - Why You Need To Be Calling Your Leads

Today's business announcement will be extremely valuable to the right reader.

For some, it may not make much sense as to where the value is.

For those who understand network marketing, it will be an eye opener.

Today I will be talking about the calls I had with several people whom I just met this evening.

All these prospects are leads who entered my contact manger after filling out my landing page.

My First Prospect

It took several calls, a page of 20 leads before I spoke to the first live person.

About 10 of these leads didn't have a number, so about 10 calls it took.

I get a call back from a message I left, and it was a man in Iowa, who is a farmer.

He was interested in CBD, and so is his son.

He says he uses it already, and is looking to market it and get money from it for him, and his son.

He wants to open a vape store for his son.

That was my first encounter, and we had a very good conversation, for about 15 minutes.

The Second Prospect

Next was a young man, who seemed to be a stoner actually.

He loves skateboarding, and has a huge interest in getting involved in selling CBD.

He spoke about the things it helps with, and he wants to learn more on how to get involved.

So, another presentation, and another possible team member.

The Third Prospect

Then I speak to a lady in Atlanta, Georgia.

She was very interested in knowing how she can make money with CBD.

I told her I'd send information about it, and she thanked me for doing that.

Didn't speak very long with her, as she did not open up like the other 2 prospects.

Regardless, another possible team member.

The Fourth Prospect

Now I get in touch with a person in Cleveland Ohio, who is wanting to know how to make money with CBD.

I did the same with this prospect as I do all the others.

I sent over the email with the video presentation, and a little more info.

Another high possibility of a new team member.

The Fifth Prospect

Now I reach a lady who lives in my area. 

She mentions she is very interested in knowing how she can get involved in marketing CBD.

She even asks for the buy-in price, as if she has done this several times before.

She is a big believer in CBD and wants to get signed up.

Of course, no promises until it happens, but she was very professional and stands the best possibility, perhaps next to the first prospect of the day.

The Sixth Prospect

Then I speak to a man, again in my local area.

He was wanting to get information for his son (dads are big today)

He had a few questions, such as "Is it legal" and such.

He really wanted to get more information, as he may even want to look into himself.

He actually only opted-in to see if his son would be interested, and he too became curious to the possibilities of CBD oil.

The Point

All of these people were all reached within an hour and a half of each other.

In one hour and 30 minutes, I was able to add nearly 10 new prospects (not mentioning them all) to my business presentation.

This is how people build network marketing businesses, and if you are aggressive in calling leads, you find that most people who speak to you, are interested.

If a person is not interested, they usually don't call back or reply.

So always, always, always, call your leads and work the numbers.

The Industry Is Very Popular

I'm involved with a product that is by far the most highest demanded product I've ever seen in the network marketing industry.

Never before have I got nearly 10 people all wanting to join a network marketing company, just for the product it sells.

I highly recommend you take a look at the CBD industry, and a team that will add new people to your downline on a regular basis.

You can do this by clicking the link in the P.S line.

Did You Get The Point?

If you understand why this business announcement is powerful, then please leave a comment below.

Most people avoid calling leads, and are missing out on days such as this.

Also, be sure to share this, and send me a connection request here on MLM Gateway. I will accept all requests sent.

P.S The CBD industry is very powerful, and is working great for network marketing. Take this free tour here, and get a spot for free, and I will build a downline of buyers underneath you. If you wish to get involved, you can keep these same customers in your own business as well!

This article was published on 27.02.2019 by Jaye Carden
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