How I promote a single page that has unlimited Chances of Converting anyone

This is how I promote a single page that has unlimited Chances of Converting anyone that lands on it, even you.

As a matter of fact, this strategy can convert anyone into any business, no matter how stubbornly resistant they may seem. With this strategy, I can confidently say I have more than 600% Chances of converting anyone that lands on my lead capture page.

I must warn you; it will be a little long, but worth every second of your time.

The main activity I do daily to build my business is that I give away 500 MHV (Markethive Consumer Coin) for free, courtesy of Markethive. According to coin rankings, this coin at this time of writing is worth $0.1914 per coin. Based on the value proposition of the projects associated with this coin, its value is set to moon.

So, based on today's value of this coin, I build my business by giving away $95,7 (500 x $0.1914) away for free. The good news is that, as an entrepreneur at Markethive, for every 500 MHV coins I give away for free, I get rewarded 500 MHV in Matching Bonus.

On average, I give away 10 x 500 MHV coins daily. This means, I successfully bless 10 people each with 500 MHV coins daily, and in return for blessing 10 people, I get 10 x 500 MHV coins as matching bonus. This means that, I get somewhere about $957 (10 x $95,7) daily, helping others. This is just a conservative number not to scare you, and to let you know that, anybody, even you, can do this.

However, you can go here to see some of my performance in a single month. This is no theory; I actually do it.

All the people that successfully receive their 500MHV coins become my “Associates” (best leads in the industry), because I know where they come from (country), I know their best email, telephone number and social network(s), hence can easily contact them and build any (my back end) business with them.

The system that helps me do this is Markethive itself. Markethive is the most advanced inbound social Marketing network in the world, built on the block chain and setup to empower entrepreneurs around the world achieve any level of success in their business. Markethive has leveled the playing field, giving everyone the opportunity to actually make money.

The Markethive inbound Social Marketing System is easily worth over $2,000 per month, but everyone gets it 100% for free, to use however they want, to build their businesses. This system is not available anywhere to buy, even if you wanted to pay $2,000 monthly for it. It will stay free for forever, and you can only get it from Markethive. This is one of the unannounced rewards every 500 MHV coin recipients have instant access to, upon signup. This to me is even worth more than the 500 MHV coins.

Markethive has a strong community of engaged entrepreneurs, and due to the transparency of the Markethive system, it is very easy to see the activity and performance of every entrepreneur. Also, through a ranking system (hive Rank), unique to Markethive and only at Markethive, that scores you, based on your activity on the platform. This ranking system can also be seen as how engaged you are, in building you business.

Since in Markethive everyone can see how many Associates (number of 500MHV coins given away) every Markethive member brings into Markethive, others have been questioning, how I do it to consistently bring in so many Associates into Markethive, which equally almost corresponds to the number of matching coin bonuses I collect daily.

And that exactly brings me to the purpose of this article today. After answering this question over and over, I have decided to share how I do it here, so that many more can use my strategy, if they wish to be more successful in Markethive or in their other businesses.

First of all, the Markethive system is the most powerful Marketing system you can think about. And the system itself is almost entirely responsible for my success. I put to use the Auto Responder and Lead capture widget system.

- The Markethive Auto Responder System shoots messages directly into the imbox, NEVER delivers into a spam folder. You are welcome to test it and compare with other Auto Responders, which costs you lots of money.

- The lead capture widget is easy to create, easily customizable and can be embedded almost anywhere.

Using only the above two free tools of the Markethive System, I created a simple neutral lead capture page. I did not use any of the Markethive pre-built lead capture pages for reasons best know to me, but which I share with all my Markethive Associates.

This lead capture page is promoting a news business opportunity called Comercex, which I am currently testing out, with some great results already. With this lead capture page (comerceX) I have been able to suck in 564 leads within 20 days, also thanks to the MarketHive Marketing System. See snapshot below:

This is what you will see or what happens, when you land of the lead capture page.

1. You will see that the lead capture page knows your location and the date. That should trigger more curiosity in you and interest from you, don´t you think?

2. The page itself does not look bad and gives you basic perks about Comercex and a brief offer of 500MHV coins and a $2,000 Money Making system for free as an extra bonus. These are all genuine offers, then the Signup widget (from Markethive of course), prompting to sign up to receive the offers. If that was not convincing enough to merit a sign up,

3. Bottom left of the capture page, is another widget (from Markethive still) with a tempting offer for another opportunity I am promoting. This widget is very conspicuous, cannot be missed, and can not be clicked away. Even, if you still missed signing up here, and wanted to exit the page,

4. A very catchy page popups up, offering you 500 MHV coins and a $2,000 Markethive Money Making system for free. That is where and how I actually promote Markethive using this same Comercex lead capture page (link).

5. At the bottom of the lead capture page, you have a banner, just in case you might be interested to see how I (not me actually, lol) made $1,000,000. If you are curious to know how “I” did it, and click on it, you will land on another page, which shows you exactly how. And on this page, you will still see another sticky widget top left of the page, promoting Markethive. This widget, you cannot miss it nor click it away. Upon attempting to exit this page,

6. Yet again, another catchy pop up appears, still with a Markethive widget, promoting something else.

You can follow the link below now to see all what I have described above in action. This is no theory, it works, and you too can apply same strategy in your business.

In all what I have described above, you have had 3 chances to directly give away 500 MHV coins and the $2,000 per month worth Markethive marketing System.

a. Using 2 direct Markethive Associate capture widget

b. As a back end offer to those that signup for comercex,

Even those that sign up in the other widgets described in 3 and 6 above for other opportunities, end up being invited at some point over the Autoresponder follow up messages to join Markethive and receive 500 MHV coins and the over $2,000 per month marketing system.

I hope you have seen how, promoting just a single link, you can actually capture almost everyone that lands on your page, or get them into multiple opportunities. You are welcome to connect with me on Markethive on a 1:1 interaction, and I will show you exactly how I do it.

So, fellow entrepreneur, fellow Marketer, that is how I do it to dominate, not only MarketHive, but other opportunities I am passionate about. I promote mostly one link, but with multiple options of capturing every lead that lands on the page. I hope this gives you some insights on how you could leverage your marketing to get more. The Markethive marketing System makes it easy and possible.

Markethive is easy to use, but very difficult to explain. However, if you want to explode your business, irrespective whether online or offline, Markethive is your best partner today to help you achieve that goal.

I invite you to signup for MarketHive today, even if you do absolutely nothing with it, you will at least receive your 500MHV coins worth $95,7 today.

This could also be your fast tract to free bitcoins, if you decided to trade your 500MHV coins for bitcoins, when possible. Good luck and have fun.

Kindly share this article to help many more achieve a breakthrough in their On- or Offline businesses.

This article was published on 30.07.2019 by Pete Ade
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