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One of the fastest growing trends today is the energy drink industry. But have you ever checked into the ingredients? Chemists in food engineering labs learn that caffein and sugar will cause a spike in energy. But what goes up must also come down. Loading up a drink with such ingredients not only cause a spike up and jitters but within a short time comes the crash and burn. If you’ve had energy drinks you know what I mean. Did you know that the leading cause of emergency room visits for 12 yr. olds is from drinking energy drinks? All that sugar and caffein stresses the adrenal glands which, well, is not good. So, what to do, you ask?

Because of Alovea’s social benefits platform, buy 1 nourish 2, the world’s leading nutritional PhD has come over to be the Chief Science Officer and with his knowledge of plants and which ones the human body is missing to make it function properly he has formulated a new energy drink, Focus+, that is not the Good, dirty energy, kind of energy drink but one that can be considered Best in class because he understands that it takes a lot of energy to get the neurons in the brain to fire and in the right sequence. When you give the neurons what they need to fire properly the results are a focused energy, a brighter outlook and better performance to name a few benefits.

With the latest science, the highest quality ingredients in the right amounts, a low glycemic sweetener, no stimulants to stress the adrenals and the immune activation Acemannan Alovea has now the best way to improve ones mental energy/focus with a lasting 4 to 6 hours of energy.

Are you a doctor, nurse, police or fireman, athlete, artist, CPA, teacher, etc.? I know you that you will perform like you’ve never imagined. Focus+ has been said to be like Windex for the brain. I liken it to having something for the brain’s neurons like hearing aids are for the hard of hear or like glasses are for those with weak eyes. Focus+ brightens up your day.

Now is the time to come on board as this incredible drink is starting to ship out this week. You can be some of the first thousands to become a Social Business Partner and cash in on such a great way to look better, feel better and perform better.

 To launch Focus+ there is a special promo price of $175 US for a pack of 4 but this promo only lasts until Sept. 13th. After that the price will be more.

Contact me with any questions. I am on Facebook if you prefer to connect that way.

This article was published on 02.09.2021 by Doug Dye
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Alovea - Social Biz 3.0Health, 39 USD to join

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