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            MMA is Money Making Activities that you need to be doing on daily basis, in order to grow your business like Professional.

  Your core money activities      

1.    Increases traffics to your sales funnel should be one of your main activities you need to be doing on daily basis, in order to grow your business.

2.    Increases conversions on your sales funnel.

3.    Develop robust rapport with your list.

4.    Go through regular training in order to be knowledgeable on the different internet marketing and to become a better marketer.

5.    Help your team to duplicate.

6.    Allocate 90 minutes nonstop time for yourself when you’re doing one work or others online.

Do work in 90 minutes blocks with 10 minutes breaks between

Studies have shown that people, who take breaks or recharge, refocus and refuel get more done than people who try to do marathon working sessions.

Work smarter, not harder. Try setting a time for 90 minutes and commit to focusing on specific tasks to get as much done as possible in the time frame.

When the 90 minutes are up, what you’re doing immediately, and walk away from your work space and either get snack, take a brief walk or do something

Here are the other tips you can explore during this 90 block.

1.    Sign up two people.

2.    Motivate and coach your downline.

3.    Help them sign up two people.

4.    Keep promoting.

5.    Work as a team

The below are the tips or marketing strategies you can implement on daily basis to build you online biz.

One of the most lead generating parts of all my content (and others) is the P.S line at the bottom.

Here is where you put your link, and lead them to something they can use to benefit from.

It can be a training video, system for leads, webinars or even ebooks. As long as there is a benefit, and the giveaway or offer is relevant to the content you wrote, you get leads almost every time. The longer you do this, you do get leads every time.

An example would be writing a business announcement on Facebook ads.You give a good piece of knowledge or secret to having success with Facebook ads. Your reader loves this new tip or idea they have.

Then, on the P.S line at the bottom of the content, you have a link to a free Facebook ads training video.

Odds are, since they read your content, they are interested in learning more about Facebook ads. See how it works yet?

You can also add links in the text of the content on recommendations that are similar to the topic you write about.


  Wishing you all the best in all your endeavour on your online business.


This article was published on 17.11.2016 by Olu John
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