Why your WHY is so important.

There are so many reasons why people do what they do in life.

I am not a well schooled philosopher, know-it-all nor a politician running for office, but I heard something today that hit home for me.  

I was in a business meeting with many people that were focused on getting their team motivated to help more people earn more money.  The speaker was talking about finding your 'why' or your reason for getting into the business in the first place. 

"Only you know WHY you are here," she said to the group.

Sharing your reason with your upline can give them fuel to keep you motivated to reach your income goals.

The other thing we talked about were the many excuses why we are not growing our businesses as fast as we would like.  Things like watching TV, doing 'busy work' or admin stuff that does not make you money and blaming outside distractions.  One person stood up and said she has so little time that she may have to quit.

Just then, a single Mom working a full time job shared how she is getting people to look at her business. 

She said that when she is in the grocery store she talks to at least two people before she considers her shopping done. When she is on social media she finds 5-8 new friends and actually messages them to build rapport. I also invite people to all meetings until they tell me to lay off.  

If you truly believe that what you offer is a great benefit to the customer, then shout it from the mountain tops for all to hear. Don't be embarrassed to want to share good news.  Besides, the naysayers are not going to pay your bills.

One major distraction for many people is the political situation these days.  I am not one to bring up anything to do with political views at a business meeting, but they are people who can't help themselves and make everything about what they believe.

After the meeting, someone asked the speaker "how do you think our business will be now that Trump is President?" There were at least 30 or so people in the room still listening for the answer. 

She answered, "Did it matter when Obama was in office, NO. I don't care who is President. I only care about who is working their business to make their own economy."

I smiled at that answer, but did not feed into the temptation to talk about politics.

I know my WHY and that is what keep me going. I do have a great service that helps anyone from anywhere earn profits from the Forex and Stock Markets. The knowledge gained with my company can be used for a lifetime. You do not have to recruit anyone to make money, but building a team will multiply your income.

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Farrell
This article was published on 04.02.2017 by Andrew Farrell
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