Creating an MLM Gateway Profile That Attracts Requests

So your new to MLM Gateway or maybe haven't been getting enough connection requests? Have you checked your profile lately? Here are a few tips to create a profile that will attract requests and get bring you more leads for your network marketing business.

Update Your Profile Page

First of all, to access your profile settings, click the "settings" link next to your name in the right-hand box on the main page. This will open up an "edit" page where you can make changes and update your profile. Be sure to click "save" after making any changes so the changes will stick.

Upload An Attractive Profile Picture

Probably the most important thing you can do to attract leads for your business is to upload an attractive profile picture. This will be the first thing people look at when they go to your profile. Since this is an MLM social media site, you should upload a real picture of you! Other members want see who YOU are, not some animal picture, nature pic or even the mystery shadow person. Upload your best personal profile pic that you have, or have one professionally taken, if needed.

A good profile pic should be a head shot of yourself with a black or white background. A full body shot typically will be too small to see your face in a profile picture spot. Avoid including others in the pic because those looking at your profile picture won't know who YOU are when others are included in the shot. Also, show your best self. If you are happy and smiling, you'll appear more approachable and receive more requests.

Add Your Personal Information

Don't be afraid to add your personal information to your profile. The more you add, the more open you will be perceived, and the more likely it is that you will get requests. If you don't add personal information, you will appear to be a "closed" person and will not receive as many requests.

With MLM Gateway profile, it's pretty basic and your personal information is protected anyway so you shouldn't worry about adding more information about yourself. Fill out the entire profile and don't leave anything blank. By including your location information, you can be found by those searching by a particular city and/or state. If this information isn't included, you won't be found in filtered search results.

If you are active on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, be sure to include links to these other sites as well. This will give others an opportunity to get to know you better and help them determine if you are the type of person they may want to connect with and it will allow you to build your following on those sites as well. This will also be a subliminal message that you are open to connecting too.

Submit Your Interests

Understand that the "Interested In" section is NOT a place to advertise your business, but is a place to truly state what you are interested in. If you are active in a business, don't state the name of the company, but generally what it is about, like "health and wellness," "weight loss," or even just "network marketing". The more general you are in your description, the more open you will appear for requests.

Most people on MLM Gateway are active in a business already, so don't assume that because they have listed particular interests, that they are ready to be recruited. They are simply stating, in a general way, what they are already involved with. By connecting with those who have similar interests, you can have productive conversations that help each other. Build the relationship first, and then recruits will follow.  

Another strategy would be to connect with others in a non-competing interest or industry. Many network marketers are involved with more than one company, and most at least keep their options open and are willing to take a look. If you are open and receptive to other's invitations, others will be open and receptive to you. This is the whole purpose of MLM Gateway -- to connect with other like-minded individuals, namely, NETWORK MARKETERS.

Generally, it's not recommended to add a "not interested" in because this will appear that you are not completely open to new ideas. If you choose to put something in the "Not Interested" section, never put in things like " not joining (or looking at) other companies" or "X to being recruited" or "not selling others products" etc. You'll never get a connection request and others will reject your request because you appear to be not open to taking a look at their opportunity.  Just identify what you are truly not interested in based upon personal experience, and state that. This will help others from wasting credits on a connection requests for things you are truly not interested in.


I hope you found these tips helpful. By implementing these strategies, I'm confident you'll connect with more people and have some great conversations that will be mutually beneficial. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below. I open to your feedback and suggestions and I wish you the best here on MLM Gateway.

This article was published on 18.11.2016 by Steve Scoresby
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