Network Marketing..Easy to Start...Easy to Quit

Proverbs 27:19 :  "As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart."

I hate to see people quit network marketing too soon.  As long as there is a passion for the profession, even if people haven't really found momentum, keep looking for a way to succeed.  I also believe in praying about this daily.

If the passion disappears, that's one thing.  Network marketing is begun part time by most all people, but that doesn't mean the passion is "part time".  For me, the passion of developing more personal freedom drives me.

The passion will have to be strong enough for people to stay.   As I have heard leaders say before, the decision to join a network marketing company is important but it isn't the most important one.  The most important one comes once you realize that it may take more time than you thought to get momentum and build an organization.

Compared to having to invest several thousand dollars in a franchise, we only have to invest a few hundred to join a network marketing company.  That is the investment required to be a member with an ID and a replicated website, both of which are important.  It's easy to start.

After that, it will still take a certain level of investment of both time and money to find momentum building our organization.  How much of either becomes different for each individual, since there is more than one way to build and the commitment level will be different for many.

No matter how we choose to find people, we have to be able to communicate with them on their level of understanding of the profession, realizing that many people are skeptical of everything, and should be.

It has to be understood that network marketing is different in many ways from a traditional business, which means we have to break through the mental barrier of trying to build with a traditional mindset.  The fact is that network marketing is actually a much, much better way once all the pieces finally come together.

Unless we quit before the pieces finally come together.  It would be a tragedy in many ways to let that happen.

Training is the most crucial part of success in anything, and network marketing is no different, but in network marketing it is as much mindset as anything.  The nuts and bolts of success actually involve communication skills like asking questions, listening, asking more questions, and follow up.  

Very few people will join us in our businesses on the first conversation.  Each conversation should set up the next conversation, communication through email, skype call or phone call.  We have to educate ourselves on the network marketing profession and be able to pass that education on to others.

Essentially, that is what I am making an effort to do here, through this article.  Help the reader to see that my research of the leaders, both in person and through blogs and videos, has shown me that the profession of network marketing is worth pursuing, as long as we have the passion. 

We have to become more by studying leaders, how they reached their success, and working at our communications skills. We then have to contact people and ask them questions that flow naturally toward network marketing, not to be undercover but to help them see what is actually possible for their lives.

Our society points people in all directions other than network marketing, and I would actually like to see that change.  I would like to see people enjoy hearing about network marketing, and help them build more confidence in whatever level of success they want in the profession.

If you have questions, or would like to know more about me and my primary business, feel free to visit

Enjoy your day

Scott Moore

This article was published on 19.02.2017 by Scott Moore
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