How I Was Able To Signup 2 New Team Members Yesterday Without Working

Yes, it is true.

I was unable to work on my business yesterday, as it was Wednesday which is a day I never get to work on my network marketing business.

However, I got 2 more new affiliates on my team while I wasn't even home to talk to them.

So today, I will share how I did it, and show you a secret to getting more people to join if you are willing to work the trick.

It Starts With The First One

First, it started with the signup of a person who is local to me after hearing of all the success I am having with the CBD oil sales in the USA. (and now even parts of Europe!)

She wanted to signup as an affiliate and try it to see if she too could get sales. She has won awards with other companies that have now fallen, so I was happy to have her on my team.

I did not prospect her, she did this on her own will (happens when you start getting results)

So this will begin how to work the trick I am speaking of.

Now It's To The Next

Now that one person joined, I can go back and tell others who looked at my opportunity before them.

This only works if you have a binary commission of some sort.

By this person joining, all prospects I've spoke to in over my career with this company, can get into the business and have this new person as their own downline contributing volume instantly.

So I called a vet I spoke to a few weeks back after he told me he was getting in this week.

I made sure he knew she had joined and must get in before Thursday. I just sent him a text.

Two hours later, I get the text back "I Joined" and he came in with a large package too!

Now It's Aiming For Three

Since I can continue doing this until midnight tonight, I have several people to reach out to and get into the business or they miss out on these 2 new sales and a lot of volume.

So if you are reading this, and have taken the tour with me, get in and you'll have 2 people right off the bat contributing volume to your business.

Many people on MLM Gateway have taken the tour, some have joined already so they get these 2 regardless now.

I'll be contacting all those who expressed interest in joining but have yet to do so.

Offering them 2 new business partners out of the gate, will most likely get a couple more in.

As it grows, the next person to join gets more benefit from it then the last.

So as you see, use this trick and signups begin to spread like a virus!

Did You Get The Trick?

By using all the progress you have, you can contact the fence sitters with a very special offer and this works well when there is a deadline to meet it. Not all will of course, but it will always trickle down to adding a few more into the team each week.

If you do not have a binary commission structure, you can't make this work as well as having one. But good news, most new companies all have them, so put them to use.

Use My Signups For Your Own

As I get signups, if you were on my team, I can let you know and it will be the momentum you need to get your fence sitters in.


Because even if you did not sign them up, those who took the tour with you before the person I signed up did, will have that person under them as well if they also get signed up. Doesn't matter who does it, just the fact there is someone in line to contribute more volume for their bonuses!

So, feel free to take the tour below and get in so you can enjoy the benefits of having me as a strong sponsor and we can use my momentum to get you a lot of personal signups as well!


Take the tour now and see why this is working so well. Get in as soon as possible to enjoy the most amount of spillover and signups as you can. People will want to work with you when they see all the people in your team (regardless if you did them or not)
This article was published on 10.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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