10 Helpful Steps To Sponsor Reps Using MLM Gateway

Since you are using MLM Gateway to build your MLM business, I think it would only be helpful if I shared the steps I use each and everyday, that get me new team members.

So in this business announcement, I will cover the steps you can take each time you log into MLM Gateway, that will help increase your team members, and help you get more results using MLM Gateway. 

So with that said, let's get into those steps!

Step 1: Start Connecting

First thing to do is look for new people each time you log in, to connect with.

Send a few connection requests from time to time. It's important to keep building the connections because you can reach them all in their inbox.

If you do not have credits to connect with, consider purchasing or earning them through writing business announcements and referring others.

Step 2: Write New Content

Each time you log in, why not write a new business announcement?

It's 10 credits for featured professionals, and 5 for free members.

This will not only allow you to earn credits to use on this platform, but it also will give others a path to find you.

I've written several business announcements and some of those have been responsible for getting new team members.

Also, every announcement is sent to the inbox of every connection you have. So connections help.

Step 3: Complete Your Profile

You may not get a whole lot of visitors on your profile, but when you do, you need to be sure you stand out to the visitor.

Make sure you list your social profiles, and include a video on your profile.

A personal made video is best. Using a company's video is not original.

So be sure you have built your profile to it's best ability to generate leads and gain the interest of it's visitors.

Step 4: Run Ads

The most powerful feature on this platform to me, is the advertising platform MLM Gateway has.

So keeping credits coming in, and doing these activities for more and more of them, help keep ads running longer.

If you have a landing page and a targeted offer that MLM business owners would like, your ad will do good on this platform. 

So keeping an ad running at all times if possible, is best.

Step 5: Comment

Every time you log into MLM Gateway, take the time to review some business announcements of others.

This will help to get you more connections, in two different ways.

One way, is the person who wrote the announcement gets an update, and sometimes they reach out to connect.

The other way is from other readers of the announcement, seeing your comment.

Don't spam others content of course, and leave a real thoughtful comment.

Try to do at least 3 a day, and look for the announcements that would be most viewed by the title.

Step 6: Share Your Content

Another way to get more from this platform, is to share your business announcements on other social platforms.

When you write a new announcement, post it on Facebook, Twitter, and other places.

This helps to get referrals, and even outside traffic turned into team embers and customers.

Step 7: Say Hello

It doesn't hurt to message people randomly when you have the time.

Take a minute to message your connections and check up with them.

They will get notified in their inbox of your message here, so many will reply if the message isn't a spam message.

Just checking in with a couple a day, saying hello, is a good way to catch the right person at the right time.

Step 8: Post On The Wall

By posting on the wall or the dashboard, is a good way to generate a lead or two.

The posts will show up in your profile when people visit.

Keeping new links and content on the wall can increase the visitors you get into possible team members, and even affiliate commissions if you promote other stuff as well.

Step 9: Ask For Connections

One way to get more connections if you do not have credits, or like to get more for less, is to ask for connections in your announcements.

As you see below, I am doing just that, and even include a link to a very powerful program to help MLM business people.

Simply ask people to send you a request, and from time to time, you will get those requests when people read your content. 

Or, you get people commenting letting you know they want to connect.

Step 10: Connect With Your Opt-Ins

If you have ran an ad on MLM Gateway, you can always track it and know the visitor came from MLM Gateway.

Anytime someone opts into one of my ads, I look them up on MLM Gateway's search, and send them a connection request.

This is a perfect time to connect with someone who expressed an interest in your offer.

Most of the time I am able to locate the person and connect successfully.

This has led to many signups and sales that may otherwise have not happened.

If a person shows interest, you act fast.

Did This Help?

If you got some new ideas or you got value from this announcement, then please be sure to leave a comment below.

Also, like mentioned above, be sure to send me over a connection request. Staying connected here is best for us both, and I will accept any and all connection requests sent to me.

P.S Want me to build a downline for you? If you would like me to get signups, customers and repeat customers purchasing underneath you, then take this short free tour. You will learn how you can even earn from the same customers and open a new window of opportunity for you

This article was published on 24.10.2018 by Jaye Carden
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