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The Master Formula for Recruiting Success

Network marketing is hard. Some would even say it’s easier to teach a turtle to tango than it is to build a downline. That’s how it was for me. Tedious. Plus, there’s nothing worse than being in a program with hot products and a blazing pay plan and you’ve got nobody to “market” to.

This happened to me, which created a real marketing 911. I even fantasized that once I had some cash-flow pouring in, people would flock to me—that somehow recruiting and enrolling would somehow get easier. Yea, right.  

But what really got my goat was pitching people. Having to recite the “opportunity.” Over and over. And chasing people. I loathed it. Then I got talked into doing an offline “mailer”—to people who weren’t even qualified prospects. Next, I tried a post card campaign. Great, now I found another way to lose money.  

But then thing changed. I found a way to penetrate the seemingly impervious barrier. I ended up ensnaring an avalanche of recruits—more like a stampede—all attracted to what I had to offer. What changed? Listen up, this is really important. What I did was take myself out of the equation. The difference was that I was no longer the messenger. Instead, I put the burden on the “system.”  

More to the point: the system I implemented sorts, selects, speaks, sells and SPONSORS for me. It works because it overindulges the prospect. There is no embarrassing over “pitch” because the automated system is doing the selling. What happens is prospects end up selling themselves—like it was their idea. You see, this “system” is based on the “show me, don’t sell me” mentality, and prospects love it.   

People are attracted because they can see themselves right in the driver’s seat. This is an important point—because the prospect is looking at the program and also muttering to themselves, “hey, this is sweet … I’m being prospected without being sold to. I’m home, in my slippers, reviewing an opportunity and the potential enroller is probably off somewhere loafing around…”—that’s what people are thinking. 

And well, they do what most people do—they follow the path of least resistance. Like with anything that makes people’s lives easier, guess what happens? People begin to CHASE YOU down.  

Moral of the story: Working hard is important, but working SMART (think passive) can take your success (and wealth) to a whole new level.    

While you ponder that, be sure to check this out. 

The ADN System 

This article was published on 01.05.2018 by Archie Royce
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