How To Make More Money Outside Of Your Business, While Working Just Your MLM

This may seem crazy, but it is very true.

I personally have found ways to earn massive amounts of extra commissions, and build sources of income that's not my primary MLM business, without having to do any extra work.

So what do I mean by this?

But most of all....

What all can you do to make more money promoting your primary MLM business?

Build Only One MLM Company

First mistake many people make, is they believe by promoting more than one MLM, they will make more money.

Usually what happens, is you don't get either one going.

It doesn't make sense to promote more than one company, in the same niche.

When you find someone who is interested in your product, or who has told you they need to try it, which do you chose? 

In most cases, people join people.

So by having 2 options for a person to join will not look good to the prospect, and most likely will end in neither company getting your full attention.

The Right Way To Make Extra Commissions

The best way to make extra commissions outside of your MLM, is to become affiliated with the same tools you use.

Never try to sell something to anyone, if you think the program is not worth it yourself.

Only focus on the things you personally use in your own business, and become affiliated with them.

For me, I come across several people who are already involved in other companies, so they are not looking to join mine.

So this is when you earn extra commissions.

If they do not want to join a new company, simply find out what they need to build the one they have and recommend the tool you use for an affiliate commission.

Some Good Examples Of What To Do

So you come across a prospect, only to learn he/she is in another company.

Why try to pressure him/her to join you?

Ask them how they are doing it, and seem interested in their work. This tells them you actually care and you do not come off as a person ONLY looking to sell them something.

Usually it's a need for leads, autoresponders, tools, software and so on.

This is when you mention what you use, and how it solved your issues.

Now I did nothing more than my usual work, calling leads and building my list. So my MLM company does not get any rejection of my time.

But it is better to get a commission, and have a tool to "connect" a relationship between you and the prospect.

Just this week alone, a person from 3 years back decided to join my team, all through a tool I recommended long ago. So it will not only help upfront, but in some cases, down the road.

Did This Help?

If you got an idea of how this works, please leave a comment below. Also, be sure to send me over a connection request and I will accept it. No need to waste your credits on inactive people. 

P.S Do you need leads? Do you want a resource to also have to offer prospects and build relationships? Try offering them high quality leads for life, for a small fee. And you can keep the fee. Truly a big deal.

This article was published on 01.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden Thanks for the comments Josh and Eric! I appreciate you both!  1 year ago
Eric Block Great article Jaye. You write some awesome training material.   1 year ago
Josh Stanley Great information!  1 year ago

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