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Join a unique Crowdfunding opportunity!  Givers become receivers!  Our cooperative approach and platform is completely automated.  There's never a wait and no minimums to withdraw your funds.  No one has to 'approve' your membership, your charity, or your purpose. Pay your bills, send your children to college, start a business, buy a home, a vehicle, or go on a year long vacation!  It will be your money therefore your decisions.  This business was created as an alternative to taking out high interest rate loans.

Take action right now and stop depending on others for your success--get in the driver's seat! Take yourself as far and as HIGH as you want to go!  For as little as $84 you can begin to receive donations every second, every minute, every hour until you no longer want to receive them! For about $160 dollars total you can join both of our opportunities- the residual one (consider it as your retirement fund) and your daily funds opportunity (consider it your checking account or real time wallet).  You receive full support of your team members, ongoing training, support and motivation.  

There is no need to hire someone with eloquent writing skills to write a compelling campaign.  No need to try and get the attention or empathy from the masses while competing with others who have different needs and agendas.  Your campaign, your purpose, your success does not depend on that.  It depends entirely on you! 

Our founders and leaders have top notch industry standards and leadership abilities.  Our business is GLOBAL so you aren't confined to only doing business or getting donations and/or team members from the United States.  Get trained in Crypto currency even if you have never thought about it or have reservations about it.   We use Ethereum (2nd only after Bitcoin). However, you can transfer your funds from and to an external wallet in USD or whatever currency you want. We accept over 100 currencies.  We use cryptocurrency in order that the masses can be a part of our company and participate in their own rescue.  Digital currency is no longer the future--it's the NOW! So, if you aren't comfortable with it, this is the easiest way to become familiar and learn all about it.  Our exceptional free for team members training will have you up to speed in no time!  Oh, and unlike your normal nine-to-five (9/5) paycheck where you have to wait until payday to have access, your payday can be EVERYDAY.  What is even better is that the entire process is decentralized.  What that means is no one holds your money at any time.  Only you and your private decentralized wallet.  Isn't that exciting! There's so many benefits and so much more!  

If you require additional information feel free to email me:  Andrea Edwards at

Meanwhile,  take a look at this short presentation and let's get you started immediately!  You funding awaits you!

This article was published on 19.09.2021 by Andrea Edwards
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Coop Crowd - Crowdfunding, 260 USD to join

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Kayode Ajimoko Yes Crowd Funding is the easiest and fastest way for average people to raise funds for their financial needs. Thanks for sharing Andrea.  2 years ago

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