About Tron Binary Smart Contract, a 100% Decentralized Tron Smart Contract

Welcome to the Tron Binary Smart Contract project, the most sustainable and fully decentralized 100% Tron smart contract binary support model, based on smart contract technology.

The Tron binary smart contract project is designed to provide everyone with an independent financial foundation based on blockchain and smart contract technology.

Tron binary smart contract project is the world´s. First, smart contract in binary model. Costs only 100 Tron to get started, and you can earn 300% back. By depositing Tron (trx) into the fund smart contract address, you activate the program and will receive 300 back distributed accordingly to the contract algorithm. The Tron binary is 100% decentralized and community based.

There are no additional profits made in the system; it is a p2p support model that ensures fairness, transparency and justice for all. There are no mediators or intermediaries, no owners, no company or human mediation, thereby effectively guaranteeing fairness for all participating partners.

According to the rules of the Tron Binary smart contract, it is the most reasonable, safest and best cutting-edge financial support model available at this time. All it takes to join the Tron binary Smart Contract is depositing a minimum of 100 trx into the smart contract fund.

After depositing at least 100 Tron, you become eligible to receive 300% of your deposit back. This 300% Tron return can be achieved in 3 ways: one passive and two via networking. When 300% has accumulated or returned via any of the three ways, a new deposit must be made equal or greater to continue earning from the fund.

With Tron binary smart contract project, you receive 1% daily return on your deposit for a maximum 300 days 100% passively. You get 5% direct referral commission from level 1, 3% commissions from level 2, 2% commissions from level 3 for at total of 10% downline commission per member in your downline for sharing and growing of the Tron binary smart contract project.

Again, the minimum entry price is only 100 trx, and it is open to participants worldwide without any restrictions. Each participation who deposits from 1000 trx and above will get a double reward in TRB tokens as bonus. For example, if you deposit 1000 trx, you will immediately receive 2 000 TRB token to your Tron wallet as a bonus.

Also important to note is that: For the first 1 billion trx deposit, no referral is required in order receiving the daily 1% profits reward. The TRON BINARY TKEN (TRB TOKEN) has a total supply of 3 billion, and it is a defi project. The Tron binary token (TRB) is designed to provide everyone with an independent financial foundation based on blockchain and smart contract technology.

Tron binary token will be listed on many top exchanges with a starting price of $0.01 and targeting up to $10 within two years. The Tron binary token will be used for blockchain gaming, so it is going to have mass adoption and grow in value fast.

Join the Tron Binary Smart Contract project. today.

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This article was published on 20.11.2020 by Pete Ade
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