Is your quality of life worth the lives of your children?

Let's think about this.

Every day you spend money ... In the morning you turn on the water and take a shower, draining a couple of bucks as a payment for the water supply, start the car and drive - another couple of bucks for fuel, then buy a coffee or latte for a couple of bucks, Also do not forget about a light lunch snack , then a meeting with friends, then again a house and again a communal apartment. We all call this the quality of life ... So day after day you strive to earn money for your quality of life ...

Now think about this.

There are millions of people like you in this world, and so that you can get the quality of life that you want - every day a lot of resources are burned to provide you with electricity, oil is sucked out of the earth to provide you with fuel and heat, whole plantations are cut trees and whole ecosystems disappear so that to provide you with a place to build your house and a beautiful road to your house ... And also think about the fact that it takes 15 minutes to cut a tree, and it takes 5-50 years for a tree to grow, depending on the breed. It takes 10 minutes to pump out 100 cubic meters of oil or gas, and it takes millions of years for them to form ... It takes less than a minute to print the dollar that you pay for it ...

I am leading to the fact that for a piece of paper that is essentially worthless, you are killing a planet that will take decades to recover ... and all this is only so that you can allow yourself to ruin your own planet even more.

I have a question for you! Who are you? Who do you think you are? Why did you decide that the quality of your life is worth the future of your children? After all, you have children ... if not, they will be sooner or later ... So who are you to kill them even before birth ???

Now let's think about this ...

If you spend a couple of dollars and plant a tree, you will save the birds. Then a tree synthesizes oxygen from CO2, one tree can purify more than a million cubic meters of air in a lifetime ... Now think about the fact that you planted 10 trees, and your neighbor planted 10 trees, and every second person on the planet did this ... So in just 10 years we will begin to breathe fresh air ... But this is only the beginning ...

The second step is to put a solar battery and a heat generator on your roof ... You will receive ecologically clean electricity, so you will reduce the load on the power grid ... and now we will add here your neighbor and every tenth inhabitant of the planet ... And now, already emissions into the atmosphere has decreased by 10 times ... And then think, you have free electricity, which means you have heat, the ability to cook food and even refuel an electric car ... Do you think you will throw bucks on fuel? No, you won't, which means that oil and gas will stop pulling ... This means that the planet will turn green again ... We will again be able to enjoy the singing of birds in the morning and not the noise of engines, our children will be able to run on green grass and not on hot asphalt ...

Join our initiative ...

This article was published on 29.04.2021 by Dmytro Shkurin
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