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50/50 CrowdFunding

When recession hit hard 2007 to 2009 we saw many banks having difficulty and needing to be bailed out by the Government and so many shareholders lost out. Indeed many savers in the bank also lost as balances were above the limits guaranteed by the bank. 

This led to bank becoming tough to those who had borrowed from the banks. Many businesses were put into liquidation and thousands were paid off and became unemployed. Many people lost their homes and many marriages failed due to the financial pressures. 

Back then we saw a number of crowd funding enterprises coming to the fore. These aim of these crowd funding concerns was to attract funds from people who became "lenders". These lenders were then promised a return on their loan which was much better than that offered by the banks. "Borrowers" then were given loans, much like a bank loan. These crowd funding loans were very popular. 

But times have changed and a new style of crowd funding has now evolved which does not require lenders, borrowers and best of all no credit checks. This new idea is cooperative crowding where people donate, share and receive. The pioneer of this type of funding was a Canadian called David T Rosen. Having operated a very successful operation with over 600,000 members in 2018 he decided to create a new model of cooperative funding with the Mobius Loop where everyone in the team follows you. This new cooperative funding is called 50/50 CrowdFunding. The concept is to join and pay a very low $29 administration and hosting fee. Next step is to donate to two other people: let's take an example: You donate $250 - $125 to the person who considered you worthy to become a member, and $125 to another person which will be shown in your back office. Now you invite 2 others to join and they then each make a donation to you and to another person. When these 2 people each then invite 2 there will be a total of seven including yourself.  Using the example above of a $250 donation you will receive 6 donations of $125 each or $750 so you have $500 to spend or upgrade to a higher level. 

Are you ready to Donate: Invite: Receive? This is the easiest way I have found to create extra income online and I encourage you to learn more about 50/50 here.  

This article was published on 15.04.2019 by Wilson Cowden
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