Th Right Way To Invite Someone To Look At Your MLM Business, And Get Signups

One thing we all begin to realize when we start building an MLM business, is it seems impossible to get someone to look at your MLM business.

There are multiple reason for this, and I will address those today.

So if you are in a position where you need more people to look at your opportunity, this business announcement will serve you well.

Just know the first factor first, most people do it wrong. The reason is because their first instinct on how to invite someone is not the actual way to do it.

Just Tell Them, It's Such A Great Opportunity

Many start off believing if they just tell people about this, they will be just as interested in it as themselves are.

This is not the case.

By just throwing links at people, and saying "check this out", you most likely get no one to look at it.

Many people find it unattractive to just blast messages and links to them.

Keep in mind, all of us in MLM get the messages, many from the same opportunities, and we could never join everything we are asked to.

Become Busy

First tip in order get people to want to work with you, is to be a busy person.

A person who's time is limited, and people must feel blessed to have from you.

People are attracted to busy people.

People like successful and hard working people.

People want to be on the team of someone who can help them become busy.

So stay busy, and care not if someone joins your team or not.

Believe me, there becomes a point to this, so begin there.

Say Less To More People

You should focus time on working with people on Linkedin, or Facebook.

Looking for people who are busy, of course.

Busy people are more open to working on projects such as MLM businesses.

So look for people to connect with who are not in MLM so much, and more in other professions.

Point out that you like their profile, and want to know if they would be open to using their influence to earn more money.

Or ask them if they may be open to something you believe could expand their income in their profession.

From here, it's a matter of how many you ask as some say yes and some say no.

Tell People They Wouldn't Be A Fit For You

Ever try this?

Opposite of what many in MLM think like.

They will beg, and plea to get someone to want to work with them.

Instead, try the reverse.

If someone shows a slight negative vibe or gives a negative remark, then try getting rid of them, professionally.

Many will switch on their "Oh Sh%&" alarm, and change their stance when they realize, you don't need them.

Keeping this attitude about your business is important, and begins to pull results when you practice it.


If you say to someone you will call, or be there, then do it.

Be a person of their word, and people are more attracted to you.

It not only helps your image as a serious business person, but it helps you become a better person all together.

Focus on integrity and honesty and people will be more likely to join your MLM business.

Never Talk With Hype/ Over Explain 

Here's another tip on getting more people to want to see your MLM presentation.

That is never use hype.

When you invite a person to look, you only need an agreement that they will take a look at it.

So, make sure you ask once you are exiting the conversation with someone, heading to your next "job".

This keeps you from having to explain what it is when they ask.

Instead, grab their info, and promise them you'll follow up with them. 

A busy person who has to get to a meeting, has an excuse on why he/she has no time to explain what it is. If they want to see what's at stake, they must give you their contact info.

Never "Trick" Someone

One big mistake newbies make, and it makes them obvious they're new, is they try to trick people to look at their business.

A good example is here on MLM Gateway, when someone says they want to join your business, and you unlock them to see who they are. Then, they pitch theirs.

Or they ask for info to be sent like they are looking into what you do, only to say back "this isn't what I need, but I believe you'll find this is better" and sends you a link to their business.

There are several tricks people will pull to get you to look at what they have, but it will not work overall.

Just Promote Indirectly

So instead of sending links as if people have time to view every link sent to them, try posting information of what your product is doing.

Let people see what is happening with your company, or team, or your own business.

When people ask to look at what you have with a true interest, you can send them the info they requested.

But be busy even when you do this, and don't keep messaging them over and over and over.

Some will, some won't.

Keep posting content, on social media, running paid advertising, and calling leads.

This is how you build a team, and is how I personally have.

Can You See How This Changes Things?

If you understand the message I am sending today, and it makes sense on how it attracts people to you instead of drives them away, please leave a comment below.

Also, let's connect here on MLM Gateway! Let me know if you want to connect in the comments below and I'll be sure to send you a connection request!

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This article was published on 18.02.2019 by Jaye Carden
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