Networking and staying in touch

1 Peter 5:7

Networking is an art and a skill that takes time to learn how to do, without raising suspicions with the other person.  I have found that one of the biggest keys is to simply start by asking questions with the intent to understand, not to reply, and maybe continue to ask questions as you get to know an individual better.

it is really not smart to try to recruit somebody into anything on the first go round.  When will the appropriate time to show them your business be?  There isn't a cookie cutter answer for that, but I find that most people say no, or say they will think about it, for the first several times we ask.

For those who network marketing isn't on their radar, we have to be willing to get their contact information, learn about them and their lives, and stay in touch with them through cards and phone calls every  so often.

They don't realize that we are hoping that the right time will come for them that we can make their lives better.  We first have to earn their trust and not contact them to sell them something every time.  

We are not watching and hovering over them like vultures waiting for a weak moment so that we can say, "See, you need this now.  You need to jump on board with me."  That isn't the intent at all.  It will not work long term either.

It takes patience to do that, which means we have to also be using other methods to reach people who want an online business, but we shouldn't discount those who have never heard of network marketing or have a bad taste in their mouth from a previous experience.

Our job is to care about people first and educate them.  It may be that all they would ever want to is to be a  customer, and that is the premise of network marketing any way.  Network marketing is actually designed for us to use a product, talk about why we like it to others through word-of-mouth advertising, and when those people try it and use it month after month we get the commissions.

Sometimes a phone call can have bad timing.  The phone will have to be used to build  a business, of course, but I think sometimes using a card to stay in touch and thank people for their time, or to simply check in on them, is a little less intrusive.

If you would like to try the idea of sending cards to people to stay in touch, feel free to visit and take a look at the website.

If you have questions, and I'm sure you will, reach out to me @ 256-504-7222 with a text message or send me a message here on this site.


Scott Moore

This article was published on 05.06.2017 by Scott Moore
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