How To Use MLM Gateway Like A Pro, And Get A Lot Of Leads

If you have been using MLM Gateway for any period of time, you know there are massive amounts of people here to network with.

But are they all looking to join another business? Or are they looking to build their own?

Here we will take a look at how to use MLM Gateway like a pro, and actually get leads, sales, and signup new people into your current MLM business.

Step 1: Connect

The firs thing to do is begin using credits to make new connections. Having a connection on MLM Gateway is almost as good as having direct contact through email to your connection. So begin with always connecting with a few new people every day.

Look for those who appear active. Featured professionals, or those who appear on the dashboard and new member area. Also, if they write business announcements, they are most likely a more serious individual.

Step 2: Write Business Announcements

Not just one and done. Many people write one announcement and that's it. You need to consistently create new announcements and keep them up at the top for more to see. Many will connect with you by seeing these. Remember, every business announcement sends an email to all your connections here (powerful).

Step 3: Don't Spam

When you write messages to connections, never add links unless they ask. A link to a blog is okay under your signature, but don't go sending messages about joining you. It turns people off and they will not reply.

Step 4: Run Ads

Make sure you get a good ad up. Text ads are the best for me, and get the most leads. Being a featured professional helps to keep credits going to run ads often.

Step 5: Promote Tools

Promoting just a new business opportunity will get very little traction. But promoting something to help people build their MLM they have, will do wonders. MLM Gateway is a great place to get affiliate commissions on systems, tools, and offers in the MLM industry.

Step 6: Write On Dashboard

Posting something each day on the dashboard is important. When people visit your profile, they will see these posts. Here is your chance to mention an upcoming webinar, a system, or an announcement about your company.

Step 7: Include Video On Profile

Put a video up that is NOT your primary business. Make it personal or something unique. People will take a look if you upload a good thumbnail and they believe your video will help them build their business.

Step 8: Promote MLM Gateway Online

By getting referrals to MLM Gateway, you get free credits. If you are a featured professional, then it's 15 free credits. This helps get ads running, and new connections on the platform. But most of all, you get commissions when your referrals buy credits. MLM Gateway has paid me hundreds of dollars in extra commissions just from referring others. A nice bonus for getting leads and other commissions.

Step 9: Ask For Connections

Simple way to get more connections for you. Just ask for one in your announcements and you'll see people send them to you. Other members want more connections too, so if they know you'll accept, they are more likely to send them (so go ahead and send me a connection to connect, I'll accept it)

Step 10: Personalize Connection Requests

Instead of using the default message when you start sending connection requests, change it up. Make it personal and ask questions. Let the individual know you are here to share tips, ideas and strategies. By only throwing business offers people do not accept requests. So change it up and see what happens!

Bonus Tip: Comment On Business Announcements

By reading business announcements and leaving comments, you increase your connection requests sent to you. Also, it opens up more chances of others who read the same announcement to see you. DO NOT use a comment to promote your business, but share something nice to the author. This can really help increase connections!

Did This Help?

I hope these tips have helped. If you got some value from this business announcement, send me over a connection request and I'll accept it. Also, leave a comment below and let me know you visited!

P.S If you want to have a business with a lot of spill over to be paid on, then click here and take a short free tour of a very special project. It will also get you access to my help and investments to help you achieve success in the network marketing industry.

This article was published on 18.05.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Oluka-nwafor Christiana I found the tips quite helpful. Thank you!  8 days ago
Lilian Kirigo great tips. Thank you.  8 days ago
Younger Moyo Thank you for the tips  4 months ago
Mahmoud Albashir thanks a lot i will go throw all of that !   7 months ago
Tommy Johnsen thx for the great advices, it seems a bit difficult to get in contact with the right people here.  10 months ago
Jaye Carden Anytime Troy! Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!  1 year ago
Troy Moten Very cool of you to share this Jaye. Quite helpful. Thank you.  1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks Steve! I published this one long ago, glad to see people still find it!  1 year ago
Steve Ropp I read this and it was full of great tips. I'll be back for sure!!!  1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks L.B and William, I appreciate the comments as well!  1 year ago
L.B. Hasan Lots of value in your post.  1 year ago
L.B. Hasan Thanks Jaye,  1 year ago
William Ikiabo Great post  1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks Kudakwashe, that's exactly why I want to publish value. So it can help others as much as possible!  1 year ago
Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma My friend this is the first valuable content I have come across here. Thanks for sharing .. You just made me want to get more from you hahahaha . thanks   1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks Emmanuel, I'm glad these have helped!  1 year ago
Emmanuel Martinez Jr. Hi! Jade! As a new user of MLM gateway it's very helpful to read tips from you as a long time user of this gateway. Hope to see more of your helpfull ideas  1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks everyone for all the great comments! I'm glad so many people found value in this post.  1 year ago
Brad Baker Jaye - first day here and this looks like a template for success! Thank you!  1 year ago
Uau Misina Pepena Great! Helpful ideas, Thank you.  1 year ago
Elizabeth Sanregret Great ideas - thank-you!  2 years ago
Vivian Eisenecher I picked up some good ideas. Thanks!  2 years ago
Jaye Carden Thanks a million Shari and Hillary! I appreciate such great feedback!  2 years ago
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Hillary Wambu Kimani Amazing eye opening article, well brought home. Appreciated  2 years ago
Jaye Carden Thanks everyone for the comments. It's good to see so many people visiting the content!  2 years ago
Don Evans Good Article. I learned a lot from it  2 years ago
Guy Harduf Thanks Jaye, It's always good to return to the basics, value and personalize. Show people you care.  2 years ago
Rick De Fontenay Great article Jaye! Very helpful for someone new like me looking for the best ways to use this platform.  2 years ago

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