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It was a long time ago I was this excited about life, for many years i have struggled in different areas of life, but today i have never been more sure about my choices than ever before.

I have wanted to make a carrier, I have wanted to be a coach, I have wanted to be a public speaker, i have wanted to be an entrepreneur, I have wanted to be business developer and successful person.

But you know - None of that matters, LIFE matters, quality of LIFE matters. Your life can be changed in a blink of an EYE. So whats is truly important in LIFE, In our short life we have been given on earth?!

Well HEALTH for sure, you really would want to have health and take good care of your body and mind during your lifespan here. Then LOVE for sure and I am not talking about the love we all have for our children, spouses and partners such is everything and all, but I am talking about love for life, that you are here now, and you need to mind and take care of the time you have been given, make a decision to live happy, healthy and wealthy. Then the love for GROWTH, personal growth, for releasing the gigant we all have within, be true to your self, honest and always open for development, no matter what. What is moved within you when you feel discomfort, take a look at that and change, act, embrace.

In order to achieve these we need to mind what we do, how we act, what we think, mind our lifestyle, our openness to changes, some say you become what you eat, some say you become as the people you hang around with, some say our thoughts define us, well yeah - all the above.

I have decide to reach a level beyond mine imagination, to mind my health, to love life and the people that bring joy, inspiration and wealth to my life, wealth of happiness, wealth of life, wealth of health.

And I want to give this to you as well, I love seeing people have that seminal moment, that moment of realization that changes can be made. The realization that you can decide to change your life if you truly make a decision and act, now and forever. And I am here for you, I am here to help. I am here to guide you to Jumpstart a future of well-being.

You can easily put your health to the test, and that is a great start for future changes and actions. Welcome to a new Journey. Let me know your thoughts and reflections. And are you curios to learn and know more, I am here for that.

From growing up in the middle part of Sweden, as a professional athlete in alpine skiing to being where I am today; a Business owner, Entrepreneur, and Health Promoter. 

I have worked with coaching and training in strategic networking and leadership, self-leadership, as a business developer and creator of large events; "Women's Entrepreneurship Day", Women Alliance "MasterMind & Network", Producer of one of the worlds largest female Snowboard sporting events. 

I have also gone through life becoming a mother, having a crashed relationship to meeting the love of my life again. I am a mother of two+two bonus children, that I had the pleasure to get. Today I am grateful for everything i have experienced. Today I have overcome, survived, managed and heeled. I am happy, healthy and wealthy, with a beautiful family by my side. 

My passion lies within helping people grow as humans; women, men and children, to take actions towards better world, with better health and to create a balanced work-family-lifestyle. Some people are joggling between family-life and getting the financial situation working for them, some wants more freedom and time, some people have a bad situation at work and some have a situation within the family. Too many people juggle and struggle to find a meaningful and balanced lifestyle. Stress is increasing, health issues arises and people today get burnt out, suffer from health related issues effecting their life-energy, ambitions and life-purpose. 

I have been there myself, suffering from health related issues, juggling family life, economy and dealing with psychological and negative relationship creating mental chaos and inner stress, causing health damages to my body. I know what it is like to be in that situation where you think you will not survive mentally and your children are suffering. And I know what it takes and how long time it can take to heal, to make changes, and become the role model for your children again. 

I have one goal in mind; helping people to better health through my knowledge, experiences and tools that have been given through life, academics, experiences, relationships and hard work. 

Some of the tools i use, except experiences are; certified Coach in NLP, ICI, Accredited Practitioner in MBTI and mental trainer, Certified Therapist in Therapeutic fasting, educated in pharmaco-nutrition, test-based and personalized nutrition and supplements, blod-testing for health check-up and status via dry blod spot tests.

Would love if you book a meeting with me.

With Love 

Jennie K

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This article was published on 27.08.2022 by Jennie Kvintåhs
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