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Piuni is a US Based company Its a platform based company adopting the MLM business model

The company brings the producers of goods and services closer to the consumers on their platform

This products are things has the following attributes:

-people are addicted to them

-people buy on impulse

-you don't none to persuade or convince people to consume them

-they are basic needs of life

Examples are airtime topup, data bundle, electricity, money transfer, television payment, gas, fuel, insurance, water and so on

The company is in partnership with over 600 companies with 57,000 services in over 142 countries worldwide and still expanding

The company now decides to adopt MLM concept, instead of making advert for consumers to come on their platform to patronise those companies, they requested for individuals who will buy into their business in form of AFFILIATES.

The works of affiliates is to spread the good news about the company, their platform, the services on their platform and they get paid for doing that

The affiliates can do this using every available means, social media, word of mouth and so on. And the affiliates gets paid in different mode:

*payment for goods and services bought through their link (retail sales bonus)

*payment for introducing the company to some other individuals who also becomes affiliates like them 

*also they get paid on any business the affiliates they introduce do

Simply put, you get paid on any business done through your link,on your success line (those you brought into the business) and on any business done through your success lines link up to the 9th generation.

Obviously ,there are 2 sets of people in Piuni, those that pay to use piuni(customers) and those that gets paid to use Piuni (affiliates)

One of the greatest advantage is that you cannot make use of Piuni platform without an affiliate link either you are buying services or you want to do business. You must just come in through an existing affiliate

Now to the products:

Let's take the most popular products in Nigeria as example.

-Airtime top up: Ordinarily without persuasion,everyone knows the reason why they topup their phone on daily basis. Considering my nature of business, I spend averagely $100 on airtime and data bundle monthly but instead of purchasing that through any other means or agent that don't remember to thank me for patronising them, I will rather make those purchases through Piuni platform and gets back a certain % as retail sales commission instantly. This is telling us that I can as well be my own customer.

With this same platform, I can top up any phone number in those 140 countries I talked about earlier. I have done topup to Mozambique, India, South Africa, China in the past and I can still do that to any country.

There is what we call Uchat, that can accommodate upto 5000 participants at a time as against the meagre 256people we have on whatsapp, there is Usim that can host 17lines at a time. With Usim, u are entitled to one USA and one UK lines that people can call you to as if you are in those countries and the sim can still host 15 other lines. If you are using the smallest of any phone with a single sim card slot, you can still have upto 17 lines embedded in that single sim.

A single pin in Piuni can top up any line from any service provider in those 140 countries. Same single pin can be used to top up MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, vigo, mobitel, Orange, At &T etc

These and many other products and services, 57,000 of them worldwide and being an internet based business for now, anybody worldwide can be your customer or successline

I have said it that being an affiliate, you are expected to share the company with prospects all around. 

There are 2 levels of affiliates namely:

-Basic Affiliate;costs $140 to join and;

-Premium Affiliate;costs $540 to join

As a basic affiliate,there are nine ways of earning money for now. I will explain just three of them.

1. Through direct earning: For every one who joins the group through you, that is, anyone you refer to the group, you will earn 10% of the amount of stock they buy. There is no limit to the number of persons you will refer

2. Pairing bonus: All you need to qualify for this is just two referrals. Just get two people to register through you and you will earn 20% of the quantity of stock one of them bought. When these two referrals go out and get two each, they will earn similar thing and you will also earn exactly what they earned from their referrals. This continues to the 9th generation of referrals. What i mean is that, those four will go out and get two each, that is, eight, you will earn from this eight. The eight will go out ............

3. The power of $1: Here, if you have five referrals, you will earn 50% of the profit the company makes from their sales. Now, these five gets five referrals each, making it 25, you will earn 25% from these 25. These 25 goes out and get 5 each, you will earn 25% from those they get, and this continues to the 9th stage of referrals.

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Call/WhatsApp/telegram/Imo: +2348168408098

Skype ID/Instagram/Twitter: Atesunate15

This article was published on 28.10.2016 by Ogboye Samuel
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Piuni - Telecommunications, , 140 USD to join

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