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Hello, my name is Joe Joyce and I am a Travel Savings Ambassador. I work for a new company in one of the biggest industries in the world. This company is only a month old and it is skyrocketing! It is ran by the best internet marketer in the world. The only billionaire made online marketer in the world, Holton Buggs. They say everything he touches turns gold. You can look him up.We truly value our customers, unlike other companies that say they do, but in all actuality, they don't. All the companies are about themselves and making the company happy. Well here with us. It literally is about the customer so much, that we pay for their booking portals and give to them for FREE to keep and use forever! Now with the portals we give them, they get massive savings on hotels all over the world, rental cars, cruises, weeks, homes, timeshares, marketplace, and activities. Massive savings that no one else can beat and we guarantee it. So much that we give the customers a 110% money back guarantee! Yes, you read that correctly. 110% money back guarantee if they find a price that beats ours. So that means, if they find lower (which they wont) the customer will gett 100% of their money back, plus we would pay them another 10%! No one else does this anywhere! And they have this portal for a LIFETIME to use whenever they want! So how do we make money? Well we make money when they save money. Depending on the level you join in at, depends on how much you make. The first level is a 50% commision. So if the customer saves $1,000 you make $500! The other 2 levels you get 100% commission! So if the customer saves $1,000, you make $1,000! Now imagine having 10, 50, 100 customers, plus having a team of 10, 50, 100, how much you would make! Now remember each customer you have, they have their portal for life. So that means anytime any of your customers travel throughout the year or lifetime, you make money EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! And let's think about this....The travel industry is a $8 TRILLION a year worldwide industry! $8 TRILLION is being spent throughout the world EVERY YEAR! And to top it all off, as a Travel Savings Ambassador on top off all the commissions and BONUSES, we get even bigger savings on our bookings! This is beyond huge! A game changer! I will leave the link to a fully interactive presentation for you to look at. Go through it and get back to me.

This article was published on 08.04.2019 by Joe Joyce
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