Royalties for LIFE from one time actions Imagine YOU’RE the Shark In The Tank

Thanks for your interest on my business. I joined a community that launches inventors products and in exchange for buying their product before it launches we get royalties on the life of the brand. 

I’m with kulabrands. Our community takes simple one-time actions to help inventors and creative people get their products out to the world.  In return, we receive ROYALTIES on all product sales, wherever and by whomever the products are sold. We are kind of like a community-style Shark Tank, if you are familiar with that show. Super unique, patent pending business model. 

Visit for more details 

Here is a link to a brief overview video (12 minutes): 

I have an intelligent bot that trades and makes me money while I sleep and go about my life. �

I have CBD that helps keep me healthy and makes me money on the daily. � 

I have an all in one marketing system that will get me highly targeted leads for my businesses and help me grow and change lives. �

I have multiple sources of passive, residual income in MANY niches. 

My money works for me, not me for my money. ��

I leverage brilliance. I leverage the world market to sell for me. ��

I get to be a part of movies and projects that bring incredible value to other’s lives. ��

I have helped launch 5 incredible musical talents because they had a dream. ��

I am in place where I meet new incredible people everyday and where my company gets more exciting everyday. ��

I am in a position to help YOU do the same. Are YOU in a position that you’re ready for more in your life or just a change of scenery? ���

Our #collaborative #community takes simple one time actions to help #inventors and creative people get their products out to the world. In return, we receive #Royalties on ALL sales—wherever and by whomever the products are sold in the world ���. We are using #Leverage in a Big way to build generational wealth! Truly multiple streams of passive, residual income in many niches. Here are just a few of our exciting projects:

� Major motion picture

� Music

� #CBD - Pharmaceutical Grade - $20B Industry by 2022

� Marketing Company

� Intelligent #Crypto Trading Bot #TradesWhileYouSleep 

� Big Data Company

� Books

� Art

� Health

� All Natural, Organic Skin & Hair Care

� Gaming, Including Augmented Reality & RPG

� Tech & Electronics

�‍�‍�‍� Board Games

� TV

�� Children

� Pets

� Household

� Automotive

� Clothing & Accessories

➕ ....and MORE

New projects added regularly—you pick and choose what interests you and what you want to help support! Royalties, Profit Sharing, and Commissions are all available here. 

�I found the missing puzzle piece! 

Royalty-based income. This means that you get paid over and over for the life of a product, anywhere it sells, for the same one time action!

For years I’ve been searching � for a successful way to make PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME, but there was something missing. � Look closely at this puzzle piece � because there are so many ways to EARN with us. One time actions that generate passive income and ROYALTIES for life. If any of these words resonate with you, comment below! #collaboration #patentpending #royalities #passiveincome #freedom

#Change #BetterLife #Abundance #Crypto #CBD #Music #Movies #Leverage #Income #Inventions #Royalties

This article was published on 25.05.2019 by Tara Eitman
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Kulabrands - royalties income, 250 USD to join

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