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Are you in front of or behind the ball?

Would you agree that there are those who are always looking for the best of the best no matter whether it is a car, clothing, a job or business, or in the case here in MLM Gateway a network marketing company, with which to partner?

Years ago I was introduced to a program called, “Brilliant Compensation”. It was a great video that explained network marketing and if you want to make it, and I mean make it big, find a networking company that is in front of a trend. And just what exactly did that mean? The video presented the concept of a garden hose with a basketball going thru it with the question, “if you’re going to get into a business, and the hose represents a business, where would you rather get in? In front of the ball or behind it?

Would you allow me to introduce you to not what I’m calling the best but big-name people are validating as the best of the best?

First allow me to introduce you to what is drawing the attention of these people. Founded in 1999, MannaRelief is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization providing advanced nutrition to malnourished children and orphans around the world. Their mission is to bless orphans and children with the love of God through nutritional support designed to improve the quality of life and health.

When high profile people are introduced to MannaRelief and what is being accomplished they want to become a partner. Why? After looking around the world for the best of the best once they find MannaRelief, and that it is tied to the Social Entrepreneur company, Evolv Health, they know that they have found what they have been looking for.

For starters the researcher who has patent pending Hemp oil blend was curing cancer and wanted to take his discovery to the worlds sickliest children. He was introduced to Evolv Health who, thru MannaRelief, was already doing it. He then took the aloe vera molecule they have, blended them and now there is a hemp oil product that gives the body the intelligence to heal at the cellular level as well as relieve discomfort. Next is the research doctor with Dream for the Cure who is beginning trials to prove that she has the cure for cancer. Dr. Renee Hirte. When she found what Evolv products do towards modulating the human immune system and that if she wanted to make her Immuno Therapy work even better she needed to partner with Evolv Health.

Now, if you watch TV there is a woman who plays the lead in a popular show who has become quite famous.  Wanting to be able to give back to something worthwhile, due to this notoriety she has developed from the program, this actress has discovered Evolv and is connecting with the company in a big way. When explaining to her producers her plans to introduce Evolv to the world they have offered to use the set of the TV show to give it even more credibility.

So, ask yourself…do I want to position myself with Evolv, NOW, before the cancer cure is announced and  people are scrambling to find someone to get their Evolv products through? Do I want to be behind the ball and wait for the healthcare arena to be transformed with the Integrative support of Evolv Health or should I get in front of the ball and help make it happen? Should I wait to see how this association with the star of a major television medical show pans out or do I want to be positioned so when it happens I’ll be ready to capture customers and/or reps?

Thanks for reading.

This article was published on 03.09.2019 by Doug Dye
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