Simple Steps To Get More Leads Using MLM Gateway's Advertising


Do you ever use the advertising MLM Gateway offers?

If not, you are missing out on a lot of good leads, and signups into your MLM business.

I've generated hundreds of leads, from MLM Gateway, and a lot of those from the advertising option they offer.

Now, I am going to share with you how to make a successful advertising campaign on the most effective MLM social media, and begin building a team.

You Need A Landing Page

A huge mistake made by many MLM Gateway members, is they do not use a landing page when they run ads.

They send people to pages where they can only purchase something from the advertisers business.

What you need most, is a way to get a lead first. A person to be put on a list who may be of interest in what you have or offer.

I sometimes convert half the clicks on MLM Gateway's ads into leads. Seriously.

But without a landing page, there will be no leads, and very little chance of any sales. Much less, you'll never be able to follow up with the prospect if you can't at least get their email address.

The Heading

The heading of the ad is the most important part, I believe.

It's the part that a person first sees.

If you are able to grab their attention with a catchy headline, then they will read the rest of the ad or even click on it right away.

Raise curiosity. Address a pain point in their business.

Your heading needs to seem as if it is talking directly to a person.

So make sure you put a very catchy, curiosity raising, pain point as a title.

The Body

The body needs to quickly explain what they will get, or explain more on the title's offer.

When a person is caught by a title, they need to know more benefit they will get when they click on the ad.

The wording of the ad is most important to getting clicks.

2 people can make an ad promoting the same thing, and one get most clicks and the other nothing.

Also, the body serves as a good place to address the pain point, fear of loss, curiosity, etc.

But one thing you never do....

Make an ad that sounds like hype! 

Edit The Credit

What I mean by edit the credit, is to keep an eye on how many credits you are offering in exchange for a click.

You can pay anywhere from 1 credit per click, up to 5 credits per click.

The more you pay, the more times your ad gets displayed.

What to do, is keep an eye on the ad and see if it's getting clicked. If not, and you are not seeing your own ad, then up the amount of credits.

But, if few people are running ads and your ad is showing a lot for just 3 credits or so, drop it down to one and see if it will still show a lot.

You want to be paying the least for the most when it comes to ads.

Just go into the advertising menu, and click edit. Then change the amount of credits you will pay per click.

Have A Follow Up In Place

It's really important to not only be able to capture leads with a landing page, but have a follow up process in place.

The reason for this, is because most people do not buy on their first look.

You must be able to remind them, keep in touch with them, and let them be exposed to your offer several times.

If they clicked the ad, you got their interest with the heading and body.

If they became a lead, your landing page did it's job.

Now, it's the follow up that is focused on to get the most sales closed as possible. 

Having no follow up will result in most of your sales getting wasted.

Connect With Your Leads

If you are tracking your leads, like I do, then you know where each lead came from.

If you have no way of tracking, take a look at the free tool below that also will pay you to use it.

I have a tracker placed in my company's pages, but if I had not had one (like most companies) I would use the tracker below at all times to know who is visiting my ads.

If you see one comes from the MLM Gateway ad, or even a business announcement, search for that person on MLM Gateway, and send over a connection request.

This can really help convert leads into sales, as from there you can talk to your prospect and answer any questions they have via MLM Gateway.

Here Is A Free Tracking Tool (plus much more) So You Always Know What Advertising Is Working

Did This Help?

If you got some ideas or value from today's business announcement, please leave a comment below.

Also, feel free to send me over a connection request, so we can connect here on MLM Gateway and continue sharing value with one another. 

P.S Want me to help build you a downline of active team members? take this free tour here, and I will place new people underneath you like crazy. You can even keep them if you decide you want to!

This article was published on 21.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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