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Something which has the potential to bring us value in Returns.

Hi New Business partners, I understand how you all feel. We all work very hard for our money, and would not wants to part with it except for something which has the potential to bring us value in return.

As it relates to your lack of knowledge in the cryptocurrency space you are not alone it is estimated that only 3% of the world is crypto savvy and the number is growing daily as more corporations and even some countries regulate and adopt its use.

But to give you a very basic understanding a cryptocurrency is a digital asset that has various uses (utility) and can go up or down in value due to supply and demand as you would have seen in the video presentation and the Binance example. Binance coin when it was launched in 2017 it was valued @ $0.10 today it is valued $276USD in a low market, with a one-time high of $690USD. Bitcoin on the other hand with which it all started (crypto) was launched in 2009  it was valued @ $0.08USD in 2010 today it is valued at $30,000USD in a low market, with a one-time high of over $63,000USD.

Our project is similar to that of Binance but we boast of being regulated and licensed while Binance is not. I too have been in some network marketing businesses before and have not had any major success. But one thing I do value about this company is there are no gimmicks and glitters and an illusion of unimagined wealth awaiting you. From the get-go you are given the tools and are expected to put in the work and will definitely reap the rewards as many have demonstrated over the last 7 months we have been in operation.

You may not be interested in the network marking arm of this opportunity as it may be too much work and that’s fine most people are not but for the few who do participate it’s really worth it.

Notwithstanding, you can still purchase a membership package starting from as low as $100USD this gives you 322 of the company’s IMC tokens If they become just $1 in a year that is $322 for every $100s purchased. This is in a bad crypto market where every crypto is down. What about if they became $10 each over the next 2 years. That’s $3220 for every $100 purchased.

I pride myself in educating others as I share this opportunity, I hope you find this helpful. Our company will be launching a cryptocurrency academy as part of our affiliate program very soon, to help educate newbies coming into this crypto space and to educate its members on how to maximize the usefulness of the cryptocurrency environment, you could probably benefit from that. Cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Interested please DM.
This article was published on 27.07.2021 by Cooper Money
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WorldCryptoLife(CooperMoney) - Crypto,Travel,Token,, 100 USD to join

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