The world monetary system is now a great trap for humanity! If you have no money, you are not allowed to live peacefully in modern societies… for this reason you are FORCED to earn every day and at any cost. Living in a situation of ups and downs is no longer a surprise but a recurring nightmare!

Get to know our employment sector, it is the safest and most stable entrepreneurial system existing today, and is easily accessible to all people who, like you who are reading this post, want to live a life as peaceful and free from classic problems as possible. linked to the need to bring home a salary every month. With us you will have an ever-growing monthly income potential.

Did you know that 95% of the world's wealth is in the hands of 5% of the population? This is because only 5% are willing to do what is necessary to achieve something more.

I wish you to be willing to read this post carefully and to the end, this would mean that you can be part of that 5% who will have something more economically and beyond.

A few euros will be enough (compared to a traditional business) to start your own path in the Network Marketing sector. Exactly, we are talking about investing figures ranging from 200 to 2,000 euros, depending on the objectives you want to achieve. 

Step 1: Activate the position with a product package that best fits your needs. All sales will take place through your e-commerce site made available to you by the company from where you will monitor the progress of your business. You will be able to sell in over 50 countries.

How much can you earn every month if you share products with 4 friends following the ACTION PLAN? I'll tell you soon!

The action plan that I recommend is based on 4 × 4. Below I present an example of commission development (monthly earnings) considering that you share this earning opportunity with 4 friends, and each of them will present, as you did, a limited number of 4 friends. In this way we therefore obtain a distribution structure that is born with our first 4 friends or acquaintances who form LEVEL 1 and develops by always multiplying x4 at each level up to n ° 3. (NB: the example concerns only the first 3 levels but it is obvious that it develops indefinitely).

Let's see how:


Level 1: I introduce my 4 friends / customers who make up the very important LEVEL 1 with an average monthly consumption of 90 BV each, therefore 90 × 4 = 360 BV at 10% commission are 36.00 euros of weekly earnings.

Level 2: The 4 friends of level 1 do the exact same thing that I did by presenting each of them 4 new customers thus creating level two consisting of 4 × 4 = 16 new customers who with an average monthly consumption of 90 BV generate 90 × 16 = 1,440 BV with a 5% commission are about 72.00 + 36.00 = 108 euros of weekly earnings.

Level 3: The 16 new customers of level 2 also present 4 new customers each and create level 3 consisting of 16 × 4 = 64 customers with an average monthly consumption of 90 BV each, therefore 90 × 64 = 5,760 bv at 3% of commissions are approximately 172.80 + 64 = 236.80 euros of weekly earnings.

At this point, specifying that this example has been very simplified because the compensation plan provides for 4 forms of income, therefore not only the percentages on the levels, it is quite clear that becoming consumers and promoting products to 4 new customers and making it clear to these 4 that by performing the exact same action as you, each of them after having presented their 4 customers, will be able to watch the growth of their distribution structure.

Level after level, up to an infinite number with an incredible monthly earning potential and perhaps never imagined ... I repeat a very important step ... after introducing 4 customers you will be able to SEE YOUR distribution structure GROW ... yes! you understand very well your commitment will only be to create YOUR 1st LEVEL because your subsequent levels will automatically create themselves, thanks to the fact that each one undertakes to bring only 4 new customers!

This is the extraordinary opportunity that today is available to each of us, anyone, if they want, can undertake this beautiful modern entrepreneurial activity which has the name of INDUSTRY OF NETWORK MARKETING alongside a large company. Smile well, it is right that you start doing it, because with this activity we can all start smiling again, thinking about our most beautiful dreams and the concrete possibility of finally being able to realize them.

Good! If you have come this far with the reading, I congratulate you, this means that you can continue your information path that will guide you to start your MLM business, and that will finally make you economically free!

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This article was published on 05.01.2021 by Mike Valletta
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