Make sure you read the Part One first, look at dated 9th of October

The minimum amount that you need to purchase shares in the Company is $ 1 000. Very few people can put that down. But you can take the route of purchasing VCC (Virtual Coin Credits) current value of $ 0.01. Over time, the value of VCC will increase with trading in the Zapo Pool. Example: $100 will purchase 10 000 VCC at current value. If, in two years, the price increases to $0.10, then the initial $100 will be worth $ 1000. Say you would like to become a shareholder, but do not have enough capital for the initial down payment of $ 1 000, you can steadily build up your VCC, until you have enough VCC to the value of $ 1 000 and then change it into shares. The only condition is that you must be a Member of the Zapo Group, for at least one year. As a shareholder, you share in ALL the income sources of the Company. This is how the value of your shares will grow.

There is another way of stepping on the gas, if it comes to earnings potential and the fast route to become a shareholder, namely the Zapo Cash Opportunity. It forms part of the other Internet Services of the Zapo Group like Zapo Worldwide Directory, Zapo Crypto Casino, Zapo Crypto Compare, Zapo Classified, and more.

When you join, you pay $100 to BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ZAPO GROUP. After your payment has been confirmed, you get a FULLY PAID position in the Zapo Cash Opportunity, as well as other benefits, like free access for life to the Zapo Crypto Casino (compete for monthly crypto prizes) and more. You also receive 10.000 VCC – your GUARANTEE that you will NEVER LOSE A DIME!

The Zapo Cash Opportunity is very UNIQUELY structured, with the projection to be able to earn over $ 7 000 in BTC, OVER AND OVER!

You become the owner of your own complete internet business. You decide how you build it, by simply sharing this information with others, who also would like to make progress and impact their lives in a positive way. By sharing, you build your business and you are handsomely rewarded for doing so! It is like working for any Co and getting paid for your work, but in this case, you are writing your own salary.

Understand that no matter how your position moves, your money is GUARANTEED. Our goal is to enhance the earnings potential to the full benefit of our Zapo Members in Short and Long term. You are always in a win-win situation!

Take note, this is an investment for your FINANCIAL well-being in short as well as long term. Nowhere in the entire world, will you find a similar opportunity which will certainly take you to financial freedom and independence. You get everything for a ONE-TIME $100, GUARANTEED to NEVER LOSE A DIME and at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS, EVER!

In the end, it is for you to decide. Are you going to keep on your old ways, chasing after an ever-elusive rainbow, losing time and money and being ripped off by the banks, or are you going to take ACTION?

Personal Development without action, becomes useless. Get out of your head and into action.  Eric Worre.

Don't let the train leave without you, go to:  Zapo VCC   and  ZapoVIP

Best regards.

Zapo Group Team

This article was published on 10.10.2019 by Holger Speth
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Zapo Group - 100% Money guarantee, 100 USD to join

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