Glutathione - which type is best?

Hi My name is Stephen Lehr and I am the owner of Redox4wellness, a company that is exclusively interested in helping you achieve all your goals in both health/wellness and wealth creation.  I can be found  through my website

Glutathione is getting a lot of attention these days because they have learned that it is the key common denominator for those who have achieved the distinct status of centenarian, someone who has made it to at least 100 years old. What the scientists and researchers have discovered is that these people have/had the glutathione of a 35 year old and believe this key difference is what allowed them to be healthy such that their body was able to ward off the illness and disease that others succumbed to.  Yes, you read that right...their body was the difference and having a high level of Glutathione was why.

So the title of this article was "Glutathione - which type is best?".   First and foremost, you have Glutathione in every one of your cells, and as you age, you become unable to produce the amounts you once did. This is normal, natural, and by design. What accelerates the decreased production is due to damaged cells from injury, disease, and most of all the toxic environment which is getting exponentially worse every day.  

So with your own body not able to deliver your needs and looking outside, there are many products that boast the ability to boost Glutathione.  This is usually from a vegetative source because plants also produce Glutathione in their cells.  In the brilliance of those wanting to make a fast buck catering to the latest buzz, these companies package it up so you can now take it orally and in theory increase your Glutathione.  

Sadly that is not what happens because Glutathione delivered through consumption does not survive the digestive process and worse actually increases your free radicals (which is counter productive) so that you are actually in worse shape. :(

The alternative to ingesting it is injecting a synthetic form of Glutathione.  This should only be done under close supervision of a medical profession and is usually very expensive.  Personally, I avoid synthetic forms when a natural solution exists because, too often, it is defined much later that while it was effective (when it is) that there are negative side effects that outweigh the solution benefits.

Finally, you can influence the body to increase its production and that is where redox comes in.  Redox is also naturally created in your cells and is the reason you produce the amounts of Glutathione that you do....the body automatically knows how much to produce and will not over-produce when redox is the causal agent.  Studies have shown that by replenishing your diminishing supply of redox, you automatically get up to 800% increase in Glutathione (only if it is needed).  My company represents the only place in the world where you can replenish your redox signaling molecules. The medical benefits are extreme and the earning opportunity, if you want to do what I do, is fantastic.  Please feel free to reach out to me via text at 214.282.1503 and make certain to let me know you interest and that you read my article on MLM Gateway. I have another article titled "Save Your Cells, Save Yourself" posted on 3/21/19. 

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Be well, stay well, live well - Stephen Lehr

This article was published on 08.04.2019 by Stephen Lehr
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