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Hello everyone!  I am Marie and I am the Health and Hydration Coach who started the Stop Bottled Water Movement! 

My team of Water Warriors and I teach people about water!  Tap, Bottled, Filtered and Electric!  We need help getting the word out!   Bottled water is no longer a luxury product!  It is actually very dangerous water filled with chemicals and microplastic and it is very bad for our health and the health of our planet! 

Tap and filtered isn't much better.   Electric water or ERW (electro reduced water) is the BEST water!  It is 

* anti aging

* anti oxidant

* anti inflammatory

* backed by science

I need more Water Warriors to help me get the word out!  It's time to #stopbottledwater and #zapyourtap

I can help you every step of the way!  I am an expert in molecular hydrogen, anti oxidants and a neutralizing oxidative stress and damage.  Tap, bottled and filtered water are all powerful oxidants meaning that they contribute to AGING!  ERW is a powerful and interesting antioxidant.  It helps slow down aging and neutralize issues like low energy, bad memory, headaches, bad digestion and so much more! 

I found this when I actually had a terrible pain in the stomach!  I wasn't looking for a business... I was looking for a solution!  About 4 years ago, I started getting terrible stomach pain after I ate.  It started with things like pizza and heavy bread and progressed to where I could barely have soup without experiencing cramping and a whole set of digestive symptoms you prob don't want to read about

I went to the doctor and they told me it was severe IBS and early stages of colitis.  A girlfriend of mine was in this company doing affiliate marketing and attraction marketing.  Wasn't really my thing but when I looked at the water, I bought!  The science on molecular hydrogen and elecro reduced water was what sold me!  

And in 2 weeks my stomach pain was almost completely gone!  4 years later and I feel better at 45 than I did when I was 35

I have devoted my life to helping other people recover from the pain and suffering caused by "oxidative stress" That was the ROOT of my stomach issues!  And it is the root of so many other issues for people.  

I ask Water Warriors to fill up Zoom Rooms with people and then I do all the talking for you!  So you don't have to do anything but invite people to come to a special event and I will be a stage presenter for you!   Pretty easy stuff right?  Once you learn all about everything (no rush) you will take over someday doing the Water Talks.  But there is no rush!   You can build a high ticket affiliate business just in Zoom Rooms alone.  And all the sales in the room are yours to keep! 

Do you want to change the world?  Are you ready to stand up for your water rights?  Are you up for a learning and growth chapter?   Do you think you can help me get the word out?  Could you get 10 people in a Zoom Room for a Water Event? 

If you say yes to any of those questions... you might already have a Warrior Spirit!  And the world needs you! 

This article was published on 12.09.2022 by Marie (the Water Nerd) Gardine
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