Bitconnect Coins Continues To Skyrocket in Value!

Bitconnect continues to soar in value. Bitconnect started out at 1.80 in prelaunch and then quickly dropped to 14 cents per coin rite after going public. But this was caused only from fear of people not knowing the potential of Bitconnect. I have to admit I too was a little skeptic about it. I had been saving my coins in my software wallet and had over a hundred coins that i sold at 14 cents each because I were afraid I would lose even more. Man was that a mistake. Shortly after I dumped my coins it went back to 1.00 a coin ten days later. In Bitconnect you will get a share of all the profits every day if you are a paid member. I was raking in those 1.00 coins every day and trading them for Bitcoins as fast as I could get them because I was afraid of that 14 cent on launch day. I kept making the mistake of underestimating them because since we made it past the launch they have been gaining 1 to 2 dollars every day. Now I have starting to hold them again but I started at 5.50. lol I sold hundreds before then and now they are over $102.00 a coin. It had gained 2.50 more per coin 4 days after I started saving them again. At least I came to my senses before they caught up with Bitcoins which now I think is very possible the way they are jumping every single day now. It seems the higher in value they go the higher the daily jump in value is getting, just like Bitcoin started out. It cost a minimum of 100.00 to get started but if you are serious about earning on line that is only a very small drop in the bucket of what you will lose in the next year messing with all the ponzi schemes on the net. Remember, 99% of everything advertised on the net are scams. You should earn that hundred back in about 2 weeks so it's no big deal. Just borrow it from a friend, hell, if I were your friend I would loan it to you. lol So if you sign up at a hundred sites 99 of them is going to run off with your money. Can you really afford that? NO!, That's also why only 2% of everyone that tries to earn on line will survive past a year unless they are just prone to being scammed and can't get the message. The Mile High Millionaire Teambuild will never promote anything that has not been ran through the ringer checking for red flags, so you are 99% safe investing in anything I promote. When you find one that is not a scam it really should be worth thousands of dollars to get your spot in it. So 100.00 is almost nothing to any person that is serious about working from home. Almost all sites that take 10.00 or less to get into are scams because they know that cheapskate dreamers will come by the thousands for a cheap investment that they will never see a profit from. Most scam sites start off paying good and earn people's trust, then they offer a special promotion because they are so well trusted and they grab about a million dollars more and disappear off the face of the Earth, Sad but true. If anyone is interested in joining me in Bitconnect you can sign up here 


If you need training on what to do after you sign up feel free to contact me. Bitconnect pays in cash and you can't lose as long as you keep it in your cash account. But to get your earnings you have to buy the Bitconnect coins produced by Bitconnect. Once you buy your coins you can either leave it in your account and let them grow or take a chance they might go down or you can withdraw them to your downloaded BCC Wallet where you can earn 150% annually more income from mining them with POS.

Or you can trade your Bitconnect coins (BCC) for Bitcoin (BTC) in the on site trading platform and either leave your Bitcoins in your wallet there or withdraw them instantly into the wallet of your choice. You can also withdraw your BCC or BTC to a trading platform on the outside called Livecoin where you can trade for many other coins if you wish like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoins or about a hundred other available coins. Here is the link to Livecoin. 
This is the most safe and profitable cryptocoin business I have found so far in the past 4 years I have been marketing!

This article was published on 23.11.2016 by Kenneth Miller
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