Get paid for doing your regular household shopping and going on holidays .

Get paid for your regular Household shopping as well as going on holidays and more you help others more you get paid . 

A new Revolutionary Network marketing Company, which is taking UK by storm,100,s of credible networkers are jumping on board on the daily basis -an opportunity which one cannot effort to miss- fastest growing  Mlm in UK - opportunity to become the pioneer of something big. 

Feel free to get. In touch for more Info. 

 . I'm a professional network marketer , been in the industry for a while currently I'm the top earner in my most recent venture that I started 7 months ago, earning me 25k/month.  I have 100,/s of IBOs (independent business owners in my organisation ) making anything from £200-£10,000 within firat 6months of the business - 

No blockage in the business -

U only need 3 people directly under u , everyone else u can sign under them- once u have a total of 6. 2 in each organisation and everyone shops u get paid £200/residually - 

 Once u have 7,7 and 8 in your team - altogether 22 people in your team (everyone just shopping) - u will be earning £2000 /month- 

Once u have a minimum of 66 in two  legs and 60 in your third leg (everyone doing their shopping) you are on £5000/month 

Once you help one person to make £5000, and other two legs u have 80 people in other two legs ,(everyone just doing their shopping) you are on £10,000/month

One you help two people to make £10,000/month and in your third leg you have around 350 people (everyone just doing their regular shopping) , now you are earning £25,000/month- 

Once you help two people to make £25,000 and in your throw leg you have 1000 people ( everyone haut doing their own shopping) now you are on £50,000 .

Help 3 people to make £50,000/ month and now you have reached the pinnacles of success within the company  where you are not only making £50,000/month , but you will also be given a car worth of £100,000 (one off) and a house worth of £500,000 (one off) but most importantly - "what attracted me most was;" one percent of total company's points(Profit) , which is something I have never witnessed in my life in my Networking career- just imagine gene this company becomes a billion pound company- you will be making one percent of that billion which is 10 million on the monthly basis- 

Absolutely phenomenal stuff- a very handsome income to be made - best opportunity to be a part of and there is no better time to position yourself for the massive growth and take advantage of massive expansion plan  -

You can find me on google, YouTube, Facebook or linkedInn as:

Kamran Abbasi tfn 

My email address is 

Contact number


Kind Regards Kamran Abbasi tfn 


This article was published on 10.06.2016 by Kamran Abbasi
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