Simple Steps For Generating More Volume In Your MLM Business Using Samples Only


Almost every MLM business owner in the world, knows about sampling.

Some do it, some don't.

Many however, who do use sampling to generate more volume for their MLM business, will generate little to no volume from it.

All that happens for them is a high cost endured, and very little to nothing to show for it.

So how can we change this around and get sales through using MLM samples?

That's the topic for today, and I am going to share with you exactly how to get more volume through using MLM samples.


What Is In Your Sample Pack?

Here is a mistake some may make, and other nail.

It's the product or products you chose to sample.

If you have a product that has a big demand, or people are actually searching around for it, you can get results more from MLM sampling.

When you build your sample pack, one of the first things to do is select the right product for the most likely purchase.


Is There Enough Product To Create A Result?

This factor is a huge determining one when sampling MLM products.

Are you sampling or giving away enough product for a result to be achieved?

If you're product gives instant results, or results on the first take like my personal products do, sampling becomes your best friend.

Many product samples in MLM are just to "taste" the product or "feel" it.

But a product that gives a fast result, and triggers people to love what just happened, will result in many coming back to achieve the same result again.

Keep this factor in mind when you are putting your sample pack for MLM together.


Are You Paying For The Samples?

Nothing will burn a hole in your pocket faster then giving away products you are paying for.

(If you're product works fast to give a result, and is in high demand, and you target effectively, this may be slightly different)

I've witnessed people, including myself, spend money on product to sample others.

When the samples turn a very low sale back, it basically becomes impossible to continue the MLM sampling.

Never put your own money into the sampling you do, because you will hit spells where the samples don't covert as well as you expected.


Be Sure To Charge A Small Amount For Your MLM Samples

If you want to get the most from sampling with your MLM products, you need to charge a small fee for the sample.

This can help to cover any cost you may endure if you simply HAVE to pay for what is being sampled.

It also generates the highest quality leads then just giving it away free.

If a person is willing to sink a few dollars into their "test" of your MLM product, they are actually considering using it if it works.

This will lead to a much higher conversion rate of sampler to sale.

Yes, fewer MLM samples will go out, but it will eliminate freebie seekers all together.


The Fortune Is In The MLM Sample Follow Up

If you're not following up with your prospects who you sampled, you are going to lose out on some product purchases.

Even if a person got a result, wants to buy the product, and loved it, they may be too busy to remember to order.

So it's YOUR JOB and in your best interest to follow up with the prospect and get the purchase made.

Many will order once followed up with, but many will also never order if not.

Then, time passes by and they forget or find something else to take your place.


When People Are "Looking" At Your Business

Never waste an opportunity to sell a MLM sample pack to someone who becomes a "fence sitter".

This will help in several ways.

One, it gets you a sample pack sold and a prospect to work with who is already a high possibility.

Second, the person has an interest in doing the business. A little excitement from the product itself can generate a signup that would have sat around forever and forgot to signup.

Always remember to offer your MLM samples to prospects who are wanting to get into the business with you.

Some will decline, some will accept.

Just work the numbers.


Let The World Know

Always be sure when you create, or you're company releases a MLM sample pack, you promote it very well.

Taking to social media, and other forms of advertising, you can find people who would be happy to test the product out even if it costs a few dollars.

There are people who will want to test a product if they have a problem that the product can help with. 

But, they may not be willing to risk an entire product purchase because the risk of it might not work for them.

So promote your MLM sampling just as you do the business. This can really help you generate more customers, and even more builders too!


One More Take On MLM Sampling Tips

  • Be sure to use the most high demand products you have. This can get more sample packs out the door.
  • Use products that get instant results, or can help a person achieve the result they desire with a small amount or the amount of product in your MLM sample pack
  • Never put your own money into samples. You can lose a lot of money giving them away if you're not targeting people effectively.
  • Always be sure to charge a few dollars for the MLM samples. This create the highest quality and most sincere prospects possible.
  • After sampling the prospect, always be sure to follow up with them.
  • Never let a possible business builder go without offering a MLM sample pack to them. 
  • Always be promoting the MLM samples to find high quality prospects. You need to promote your sample pack just as you would your business and full product purchases.

Did This Help?

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I am always happy to hear your thoughts, and appreciate all feedback given.

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This article was published on 15.02.2019 by Jaye Carden
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