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Wouldn't it be great if you could just drink a little drink and be better instantly?  What about rubbing a little gel on a sore area three times in five minutes and get instant relief?  I know, sounds too good to be true ...but its not.  Truth is that when you replenish your diminishing supply of redox signaling molecules, you can do amazing things like aging in reverse.  Another truth is that your cells can actually become "young" again instead of what happens when the aging process damages them making them perform as old cells do.  When you replenish the redox levels in damaged cells, they can be restored to their healthier status and return to your actual chronological age vs. your advanced (more damaged cell) age.  THIS IS NOT A FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!  That story is untrue and not possible.  

First we need to explore exactly what redox is and how it factors into health and wellness.  Redox is a compression of two very important words: REDuctive and OXidative.  If you are suffering from a major health problem, it is due to a cellular issue that is not yet resolved.  The issue will either be reductive, oxidative or related to both where the cells are trying to achieve balance (homeostasis) but cannot.  More specifically damaged cells and tissues (which are made from groups of cells) represent the starting point of this level of unwellness.  As Gary Samuelson PhD. says in his book, A Journey of Discovery into Redox Signaling Biology, "if all cells were perfectly healthy, there would be no health problems!". it naive to think that healthy cells make for healthy tissues, that healthy tissues make for healthy organs, that healthy organs makes for a healthy body, and finally that a healthy body heals itself? No, it is not fact that is exactly how it works.  Redox is manufactured in the cells, specifically in the mitochondria (aka the power plant) of the cell which also produces ATP (commonly referred to as energy) during the krebs cycle. Redox performs 4 vital functions: detect damage, protect against additional damage, repair existing damage, replace cells that cannot be repaired (aka apoptosis) whereby a neighbor cell is called upon to make an exact replica of its current self (aka mitosis). That felt like high school biology because it was.

Second it is important to understand is that as you age, naturally your cells produce less redox at about 1% per year of age or roughly 10-15% per decade. The actual reduction varies from individual to individual (even with siblings and twins) because it also accounts for reductions due to injury, illness, and most of all environmental influences which all can accelerate the reduction.  Conservative math says that at 50 years of age, you are producing 1/2 as much as you once did and at 70, you are at ~30%. This is when problems become critical and a person approaches their tipping point where they cannot any longer return to a healthy condition.

Now, when we recognize what redox is...the question has to be why have we not been replenishing all along.  I mean, why not always do this?  The simple answer is this...most people do not even know it exists.  In fact most professional medical people still don't know.  This is due to the reality that redox was not recognized as a signaling molecule.  Not until 3 scientists were awarded a noble prize in 1999 for their discovery  was it even known that redox performs the 4 functions identified above.  Science takes its time in getting the message out and the medical community certainly takes their time in embracing changed awareness... but most of all, it was considered impossible to recreate the redox molecule outside of a living cell. They were wrong because now it is possible and furthermore has been commercially available since ~ 2010.  Because a person can replenish with these molecules, the issue of change in the human genome and ability to study its effect can occur.  Now the topic is being taught in most top universities and perhaps more to the point, many of them are now operating under grants to further the understanding and impact of replenishment.

If you have read this far, I applaud you because that means you are smart and have a brain for understanding new things. You do not need to worry about whether or not this is science fiction, it is not. All of it is easily authenticated and supported by researching the topic on google scholar or pubmed remember it is dot gov.  Further to the point of curiosity, please feel free to go to my site and read up on many more fun points about redox.  I feel like Sheldon on Big Bang talking about fun with flags :)  What is super cool is that you are reading about a category creator on a MLM site which means you already understand the business model and so my question for you is this.  How do you know when you see an opportunity of a lifetime...what will it look like?  Will it be a product that everyone can use, is it priced for profit (sustainable) and also priced to sell (affordable)?  Finally, is it early enough that it is not already so prevalent (flooded) on the market that everyone already has their relationship with a supplier?  I have all your answers and they are can reach out to me through my website so your business can blossom and bloom at the pace of success as defined through your desire. Miracles can only be seen by believing eyes - Stephen Lehr

This article was published on 21.03.2019 by Stephen Lehr
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