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GMeta.One is a new-found innovation within the Metaverse. The project has a variety of aims both B2B and B2C, underpinned by the mission to bring together multiple Metaverse environments and users – via the ultimate Metaverse company/b2b marketplace. The GMeta.One Token is designed to be a metaverse coin, as utility has been established prior to presale surrounding the metaverse/web3 environment.

The GMeta.One live presale is your opportunity to buy the $GMONE metaverse coin, which empowers its holders with power to purchase all of the amazing NFT and virtual assets available through our marketplace. GMeta.One land parcels are also available for exchange in $GMONE.

The presale contests and competitions are designed to give even greater incentive to early investors. Token matches, NFT giveaways, cars, vr kits and more are being given to our community members for their participation and help as recruiters, bringing others to the GMeta.One platform to experience similar benefits as $GMONE holders.

 Our Real Estate proposition comes in multiple layers. Buy virtual land on a plot within the metaverse, or alternatively buy tokenized real estate that is already up for sale within the Metaverse. Buy real estate with crypto via our secure portal & marketplace, or alternatively go right back to basics with digital courses on tokenized real estate, catered to all levels from entry to expert.

$GMONE makes GMeta.One go. DeFi projects have a digital currency attached to its function and utilization. The native digital currency of the GMeta.One multipoint, virtual-web3 world is our metaverse utility token – $GMONE.

Our native $GMONE metaverse token fundamentally propels the various utilities associated with the GMeta.One business network and operation. $GMONE is the market-tradable digital cryptocurrency empowering the operation of our highly-integratable blockchain and metaverse-related network of utility.

We respond quickly to ever rapidly evolving technology, keeping us unique, even for typically progressive NFT tokens. $GMONE powers the operations of GMeta.One metaverse platform, which includes:

Virtual land purchases

Digital land development

NFT and avatar creation

Business and contractor advertising

Digital ad space rent

Virtual events and event space rental

This article was published on 11.04.2022 by Tia Statam
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