Thanks to the Digital Network, I want to give you $20 in Bitcoins back

Hello fellow Marketer or Opportunity seeker,

Hope you are doing great today.

Not sure if you are already member of the the Digital Network (TDN) or if you have heard about it.

Today, I want to support you make a lot of money with it

The digital Network is a Bitcoin only Opportunity,

that provides education on marketing and advertising strategies

to help you earn more bitcoins or use the knowledge to grow any other business.

TDN gives you the opportunity and helps you earn bitcoins daily,

If you share these education products with other.

There is a lot of leverage in the TDN.

You can earn Commissions on 3 levels.

Everyone in TDN whether free or owner of a training product

Qualifies to earn Bitcoin Commissions.

The cheapest product is only $47 in Bitcoin.

If you own this product, you can earn on 3 levels.

40% on Level 1

10% on level 2 and

5% on level 3

However, as a free member who does not own any of the products,

you will only be able to earn on level 1.

I will like you to earn on all levers, so you can make more money.

With that in mind, this is what I am offering you today:

If you have not registered for TDN, use the link below to register today.

The launch is in 4 days.

At launch, when the $47 product level is open,

go ahead and but it for the $47. This will qualify you to earn on 3 levels.

When you but the $47 product, I will get 40% ($18,80) commission.

But I will send you back $20 in Bitcoins, after I receive my commission.

This means that your total expenditure to acquire the $47 package will only be $27.

How cool is that?

The Digital network is setup to keep growing and if you do not make money

On day one, you could still make money on going.

But I am not only interested in the money, I want you to own the product and

Learn from it. It will help you grow any business even TDN to make more money.

What you need to do now is:

1. Register for the TDN

2. Use my address in your back office to send me a message, so I can add you on my list of those to get $20 back from me

3. Prepare yourself to buy the $47 package, buy getting enough Bitcoins.

That is it.

Use the link below to register now.

Hope you don’t miss this offer.


This article was published on 23.04.2020 by Pete Ade
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