High Frequency Forex - We're Not in Kansas Anymore!!!

High Frequency Forex trades one currency for another in minutes rather than a duration of time! When you learn how to analyze the market, you will trade High Frequency Forex! We make our money whether the market is going up (Buy) or down (Sell). Our academy teaches you how to technically analyze the market and signals that help you determine to confirm your bid. We are generally uncomfortable with things we are not familiar with; words such as stochastic, relative strength index, or even candlesticks will be defined. What does it mean to leverage? What is a broker? What are Bollinger Bands ? These terms will become normal to you in time. When you clear a trade that is a WIN! Ka-Ching!

I am a mentor in the trading business. Personal Development is essential in this business. We believe in ourselves, our platform and our trainers. BELIEF is imperative! Our mantra is " I am grateful now, that I have made $10,000 a month in my trading account." BELIEF drives this business. I will work with you and guide your training. You must drive your belief! You must believe that you will learn how to trade no matter what! This is not a get rich quick business. It requires patience and the development of the skillset. The academy is set up with E-learning. E-learning allows the student to control their schedule and review concepts they may not thoroughly understand. Videos are short; up to 6 minutes in length. Additionally, we Go LIVE with our Educators who are also professional Forex traders. Everyday their trades are added to the library in case you are not able to watch that day! Their schedules often fit your schedule. They trade throughout the day and evening! Forex is a $7 Trillion (with a T) business that trades 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Mon through Friday. We are retail traders. We trade in the same market as your commercial banks. It is our intention to get our share of that $7 Trillion!

There is no need to feel intimidated! All of us had to start and once you learn what the lines and markups mean, you will be ready to trade High Frequency Forex. We are conservative traders and compound our accounts to grow slowly! As your skillset develops you will learn Traditional Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities trading!! You can not be great, if you don’t start but if you start you will be Great!  

Welcome to Silver Fox Trading! Now, Let's Go! 

This article was published on 15.11.2020 by Marilyn Kenoly
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