Why Effective 3 Way Calling is Critical

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Please Note: MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way calls are recommended when helping a new recruit invite their 1st set of contacts to a presentation, and after the new contacts have attended  a presentation. This article will focus on making MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way calls after  the contact/s have seen a presentation. 

As we continue to build our MLM/Home Based Business there will always be the need to contact our sponsor/up-line to make 3-Way calls. In-fact the support of our sponsor/up-line will  constantly be extremely critical to the success of our business, hence the need for us to have a support system which is both knowledgeable and available.

The Purpose of Making MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way Calls.

The purpose of making 3-Way calls is for our sponsor/up-line to take our prospect to the next level. This will be done by interviewing the prospect and either getting the prospect started immediately, or getting the prospect to another event. 

Studies have shown that most prospects usually do not get started in the MLM/Home Based Business industry after seeing a presentation on just their first occasion.  

Consequently, sponsoring is not an “Event”, but it is actually a “Process”. Hence the need to get our prospect to the next event and keep offering more information, as we continue to use a professional System of Simple Duplication.   

But should there be the need for us to get our prospect out to another event, either to a live event or another webinar/phone event, it is best that we introduce our prospect to someone our prospect can relate to. 

This may be someone with the same educational background, the same networking background, the same profession, or the same ethnic background.   

Once our prospect can find someone in our business who is successful and whom our prospect  can relate to, our odds of getting our prospect to join our business becomes quite a lot greater. Now, we are not saying this will now be a “Slam Dunk”. No! We are simply saying this relationship proposal will greatly increase our odds.

 Actually, the most effective MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way call we can make is with someone in our up-line with whom our prospect can easily relate. 

Our Role When Making a Successful MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way Call!

1: Arrange the time first, with our chosen up-line.   

2: Give our chosen up-line a short history of our prospect…. E.G: Name, Married/Single, Profession, MLM/Home Based Business experience or not. Why our prospect is looking at our business. Our prospect’s hot button/Goals/s, etc..   

3: Contact our prospect and set the time, and let our prospect know how lucky she/he is to  get that particular up-line. Let our prospect know how successful our up-line is. It is critical that we build up our up-line’s credibility.  

4: Call our prospect approximately 5 minutes before calling our up-line and chat a bit, preferably asking questions like… “What did you like best about the business/presentation”? The reason for calling our prospect ahead of time is to make sure our prospect is on time for the 3-Way call and our up-line’s time is not wasted. (Respect for our up-line’s time). 

5: Once we have made the call to our up-line, and have introduced our prospect  to our up-line, we then shut up. Our up-line is now in control of the interview.   

6: Why should we shut up? Because our up-line is the rock star and has the credibility and skills, who has taken her/his time from her/his busy schedule to help us build our business. Plus our up-line will do everything possible to sponsor our prospect for us.  

7: We are also in training at this time. We need to take notes and learn, because soon we  will be called upon by someone in our group to do a successful MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way  call also.  

The Role of Our Sponsor/Up-Line When Making a Successful 3-Way Call!

 1: Our sponsor/up-line must immediately take control of the call.   

2: Tell their story. Quick and short. Exciting highlights.

3: Ask the right questions, like: (a): What did you like best? (b): On a scale of 1 to 10 what level of interest do you have? (c): Do you see anything preventing you from getting started today? (d): Who are the first 5 to 10 people you will like to be in business with you? Get the prospect started now or invite the prospect to another event.    

4: Transfer back to us, all the credibility which we transferred to our sponsor/up-line.


While there are no guarantees, and we are not saying that this the "Only Way", but the success rate which will be accomplished when a MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way call is conducted according to the above instructions, definitely exceeds the success rate of many other formats.  

This article was published on 14.11.2016 by Victor Graham
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