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Are You Recruiting the Brainwashed?

The sad fact is that most of us were taught how to be broke.  Brainwashed, really, to be stuck in crappy, low paying, stressful, dead end jobs. And if you were R-E-A-L-L-Y brainwashed, as most of us were, you entered kindergarten, went to elementary school, junior high school, then high school, encouraged to get good grades, graduate from high school, encouraged to go to college, cuz you GOT to go to college to get REALLY edgemecated to get a really goooooooood job.

Then you find that special someone, get married, find that great house with the white picket fence, have 2 1/2 tax dependents, buy a couple of cars, one dog, one cat and commute work-to-home, work-to-home, work-to-home, etc till you retire. And retire on maybe HALF the income you were earning while working full-time, living paycheck to paycheck.  

Now fortunately, because you're reading this, you broke free! You may or may not be where you want to be in your business, BUT you don't have that BRAINWASHED mentality of the only viable means of earning a living is by way of a job.  Funny how most of us networkers know what this ==>J.O.B. is an acronym for.  

The unfortunate and again sad fact is that MILLIONS of our fellow Americans are brainwashed as you're reading this. And here is the reason why I just wrote all of that.

Please do yourself a favor. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration. STOP marketing & promoting to these people! Trust me, I'm speaking from experience. It took me years of the "3-foot rule", years of cold calling, years of trying to set up appointments to show strangers my company's compensation plan, years of trying to persuade my downline to attend our company's events which on average were 500 miles away. 

They have been brainwashed to form their fingers as a cross when they see you coming and run the other way. They laugh and ridicule what we do. It's not their fault. The television media speaks negatively of what we do. The print media speaks negatively of what we do. Your mother's brother whose wife's cousin has a niece who bought boxes and boxes of soap ten years ago and can't get rid of it from the garage sales she's had. She's spread the word far and wide to stay away from that "thing."  

But Frank you say, I got in.   I was brainwashed at one point.   What about the ones that are out there that were like me? I was open to listening to what my sponsor had to say. What about them?  Well include them...ONLY AFTER  you've built your foundation with people who understand what you're doing. 

Look, if you're going to start out your networking business going after the "brainwashed" you are going to run yourself right out of this wonderful and profitable industry. They don't understand network marketing. And if you're fortunate enough to sign some of them into your business and don't help most of them become profitable within a 30-60 day time frame, they will be gone like the wind. 

Why do I say that?  Peer pressure.  You have husbands and wives who fight over our business.  Friends who now don't want to hang around you anymore because they don't want to hear about your life-changing business. 

And those who do become somewhat interested will always ask you the dreaded question...."Well, how much have you made?"    God I use to hate that! 

So what's the solution? 


Recruit people who are or who have been in our business. They understand it.  They have thicker skin. They haven't given up on their dream of financial independence.

Now you're reading this because you're a member of a forum with the majority being network marketers. Fine!  But I'm tellin ya, this thing I've experienced thus far of  "You look at my program and I'll look at yours" is really tired.  Not a good marketing strategy at all. 

Search out Network Marketing Genealogy Lists. There are millions of us out there who belong to company's that have either gone under or are about to go under. Those distributors will sign up with someone because they believe in the industry. 

The question is will you start recruiting from Network Marketing Genealogy Lists, or will you continue to try and persuade the "BrainWashed?"

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This article was published on 03.02.2017 by Frank F. Mayes
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Roger Neumann Great-I was nodding my head Exactly all the way through your post. Thanks.  6 years ago
Jeffery Whiten I love it! Frank, somebody had to say it. So true ,So true.  6 years ago

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