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Proverbs 29:25 - Fear of man will prove to be a snare. but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.

In network marketing, if we are not approaching people about the business we don't move forward.  We have to find a way to fulfill volume requirements at some point in order to generate a check.  It isn't always easy.

Prospecting is the direct approach, whether offline or online.  We still need to make sure the conversation flows naturally, but we try to steer the conversation toward helping somebody produce an income.  It can also mean having a list of leads that have indicated an interest in working from home, and we simply call them  on the phone.  More on that in another article.

That's not to say that we always try to show somebody our business within five minutes of meeting them, but it does mean that we get enough information from them to get back with them later.

We get a mixture of reactions, and we learn over time to increase our communication skills, listening skills, and remember that the person asking the questions actually controls the conversation.  

Prospecting does require most people to develop a mental toughness.  Some have it naturally, and some of us have to work a little harder.  It has been proven by others, and I have proven it to myself, that prospecting is worth working at to get better.

Marketing, on the other hand, is running ads of whatever form and hoping somebody responds to that ad and reaches out to us on their own.  It takes experimenting and it has been my experience that it requires more money than prospecting.  

I was talking to a realtor friend a few weeks ago and the subject of marketing came up.  He reminded me that marketing is actually just talking to  people, which is true, but in my mind it still is an indirect form.  You don't really reach out on purpose to one individual at a time.

Now, on that note of reaching out to one individual at a time as in prospecting, that means that we have to work smart.  I have learned lately to outsource a big percentage of that effort and i think that is a good use of our money. 

We can find people to help us reach out to people on fiverr and they can help us set up appointments with those who want to learn more about our business.

I hope this provides a little bit of value and helps you move forward.

You can also get to know me a little better by visiting  If you want to know more about my primary company now, feel free to reach out to me on that as well.


Scott Moore

This article was published on 14.02.2017 by Scott Moore
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