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One of the things I have learned in this industry is you have to network.  If you are building your business and not talking to people, you will not grow your business.

You cannot be afraid to talk to people whether online or in person.  You are building a business of people looking for a better way.

We have networks built thru our family, friends, and people we meet every day.  If you talk to people you will begin to pick up on there needs.  Every person is different and therefore is looking for something different.  So your job is to listen and find out what they want.

You meet people every day.  We all do and you need to learn that nothing opens up a conversation like a smile.  Have you ever noticed that if you look at someone and smile, they will return the favor.  This has started many a conversations for me.

As you start talking with people, you start to connect and when you start to connect you begin to network.  That is the secret do not fear talking to people.  What is the most they can do but say no.

Do not pass up on a possible partner because you are afraid to talk to them.  Start a conversation and make a new friend. 

You have to remember that this networking is going to help you build your business.  But remember that your first concern is to help your connections achieve their dreams.  You have to know that your first goal is to help them achieve their dreams.  

Networking is a lot of work but not hard work if you have the right mindset. Get positive and get determined to get over the stumbling blocks.  The more you do it the more comfortable you will get with doing it.  

Also you have to have fun with it.  If you don't make it fun, you will not do it.  If you want to be successful and be in this game for a long time, you have to love it.

I hope this helps some one because we all need a liitle help some time.

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Katina Ching

This article was published on 19.04.2018 by Katina Ching
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Don Evans That link you have in your announcement does not work Katina. The one in your profile with the http....does work,.  4 years ago

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