Super Detailed Tips For Getting A Lot Of Leads On MLM Gateway


Everyone loves getting new tips and ideas to help build their business.

So today, I will jump quickly into how you can use MLM Gateway to get a lot of leads, and will be very detailed on those tips.

So now you know what you're getting, let's go!

Using MLM Gateway's Tools

MLM Gateway offers a few tools that can be very useful when used correctly. Let's break those up and learn more on how to use them effectively.

Business Announcements - Writing high quality content is the key to getting people looking at your business announcement. Make sure your title explains why the content will be useful to the reader, and your open rates increase. Then, write actual content that helps others, and you will get the results you need from that.

Advertising Platform - Running paid ads is always important. You can do that with MLM Gateway or even get more ads for free with staying active writing content and referring. Use this platform's advertising and make sure you use a landing page to send traffic too. DO NOT make the mistake of sending people to an order form.

Messaging - This is no different that any other social platform. If you learn to start conversations by asking questions, you will get conversations. From there, find a person's needs and struggles. By doing that you can offer the solution which is your business or affiliate product.

Profile - Be sure you have your profile set up for lead generation. The latest of your wall posts are included on your profile. By writing some good and valuable wall posts with links in them, can be a lead generating machine for those who visit your profile through any means you get them through.

Tips On Using Business Announcements

I explained above the overall idea of how business announcements will get you readers and interested prospects. Now let's look at some tips to converting them into leads:

The P.S Line - As in all my announcements, I include a P.S line that converts several leads. Depending on the popularity of the announcement will determine the amount of leads in can pull.

Anchor Texts - Many people already do this. But one cool trick is to not mention a product that the link leads to, but instead text the part that mentions the results. An example would how to get genealogy leads instead of me highlighting the system's name (yea click to find out!)

Ask For Connections - People want connections here too, so ask for them to send one to you. Many will, many won't. But include it from now on in your announcements and you will begin building more connections without spending too many credits.

Comment On Others - Another way to get connections for messaging, is by commenting on other people's content. Leave a comment and let them know you're there. Plus any other readers of that content will see you too.

Get More Out Of Running Ads

Hands down, MLM Gateway's advertising platform is the highest converting one I've used. It's far from expensive as well.

Here are some tips to turn your own ads into leads and conversions:

Use A Landing Page - Don't be the one who uses the order page. You need to capture a lead from the click you paid for. An order form will never get sales, ever. No one will buy on their first exposure, and most here are in an MLM to begin with. Use a high converting landing page or you're throwing away a ton of money.

Have Strong Message - Your ad must tell the reader it's benefit and the problem it solves. Just saying my company's awesome will not interest someone to click. But telling the viewer the problem that your product or service solves, will get those who have that problem clicking and increasing the conversions.

Did This Help?

If you got some ideas or this helped you to understand how to get more leads using MLM Gateway, leave a comment below. 

Also, shoot me over a connection request and I will accept it for sure. No need to waste credits trying to connect with people who never accept. Look forward to being connected and helping in any way I can.

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This article was published on 27.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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