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Is it a business or just a hobby?

The question to ask yourself is "Am I in business or is this just a hobby"?

I have been involved in different types of businesses for over 25 years minus my time in the Military which was lasted 10 years.  But what I enjoy most is doing business and being my own boss.   But lets look at what that really means.  Doing business is the act of conducting or preforming actions that benefit others while benefiting yourself.  Meeting or supplying a product or service that is designed for the masses or small groups which are not you is doing business.  Lawyers preform a service, Doctors, Police Officers, Fire & Emergency  personal preform a service.  But when we say we are doing business what does it mean?  I am self employed but you may work for someone else either on commission or a set salary but are you in business.  

Now being in business and doing business are two different things.  While we both are preforming a service that will benefit others you may do the same thing as me, but are you doing business or are you in business? If you or I are representing a business  and preforming a service it is not in business but doing business on behalf of the company or business entity you are employed by.  When you are the business then any actions you do are in fact doing business , because you are the business.

Now your level of success is based on your determination of success.  If I want to do business on a part-time bases then it is a part-time business.  But if you do a full time business on a part-time bases then it is a hobby.  Do you know which one you are doing?  When you are working can you do what you do on a part-time bases? This does not mean it is a hobby.  A hobby is when you do whatever you are doing once in a while.  Maybe every few days, or a copy of hours every few days and there is no real pressure to get things done.  Even though it will meet the need of the masses or groups, it is not an immediate need to produce results, and is done just to do it.  

A lot of people think they are in business or doing business and really are not.  If you are in business which most of us are, then you need to determine if it is a hobby or part-time or full time.  A part-time business is not a hobby.  So why are you treating your business as a hobby and expecting the results of someone who is doing business even if it is a part-time business.  To get the results you want you will have to preform the functions of doing business.  You will have to be out there, getting your name out there, getting your product or service out there.  And you will have to commit time and energy to doing so.  

A hobby is just that,  you are not under pressure to preform and it is just for something to do.  Not much time or energy needed.  So which are you caught in?  If you are in business then you need to commit to it what it needs to survive and grow.  If you want to check out what I do go to and if you want to here about what I do go to then send me a text or email with your name and contact info and I will get back to you

Just my thoughts 

Frank Lawson

This article was published on 29.12.2015 by Frank Lawson
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Sheila Caldwell I enjoyed reading your business announcement. Good content!  7 years ago

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