Custom designed supplements configured from your DNA

Hi all you MLMers!  My name is Vernice.  I am a Retired Healthcare Administrative Management Master Sergeant!  Yep 27 years in the military (17 in the Marines and 8 in the Air Force)!  I got into this business because there isn't anything out there like it!  It is a brand new Network Marketing opportunity with a product that stands alone in this market!  

I am an Independent Utiritonist and our product is a custom designed supplement that is based on your DNA report!  Attached will be 2 videos explaining the product and the DNA Test!  You can earn 5 ways with this company which I will be more than happy to discuss if you are interested! 

I got into this business because I was spending more than $300 per month on grocery store shelf supplements!  All doctor recommended, but as much as I do love my doctor, they were all very educated guesses as to what my body needed based on my blood tests!  Some helped but I take so many (because I refuse to take meds) it was always just an educated guess if they worked or not and I didn't know which was doing what!

So when I stumbled up on to Uforia, I wasted no time hopping on board!  I suffered from Insomnia all of my adult life along with many other ailments - none serious, but if ignored could be very serious!  After just 8 days I don't have to find a sleep concoction to go to sleep!  I am down 3 lbs without really changing anything about my diet, but I do try to eat clean!  Plenty of energy and my digestion has improved.  And this just 2 weeks into taking the Pretrition!  I haven't even received my DNA report and my Utrition as of the publishing of my first article here, but I will say I can't wait!  If the Utrition is anything as great as the Pretrition, I will be checking off my ailments one at a time and feeling healthier every day!

Your DNA report will show you the health variances that come for your Mom or your Dad or both and they then configure your custom supplements based on your DNA report!  Freshly made and delivered to your door each month!  I use to pat over $300/month and now I gladly pay just $159 for something that is tailor-made just for me!

 Please send me a message and let's get you making 2019 not only a healthier year for you but a profitable one as well! 

Thanking you for your interest in advance!  Talk soon!

This article was published on 09.02.2019 by Vernice Swann
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Uforia - DNA supplements, 39.95 USD to join

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