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Are You Concern About Cyber Security?

Do you frequently shop online?

Did you know that Macy’s/Delta/Saks Fifth Avenue have been hacked and their

personal information is out there for the taking? That information can be sold on the dark

web and used to make fraudulent purchases, open new credit card accounts or set up other

fake accounts.

Do you have kids at home?

It’s not just your information cyber criminals are after: it’s your children’s identity

as well. 1.3 million children have their identity stolen annually and 50% are under 6 years old.6

Do you frequently use social media?

Facebook has fallen victim to a data breach in recent years, but based on what

you post on social media, hackers might not need to hack into a system to steal your

information. You might be unknowingly giving it to them. Identity thieves can use

information that you have posted and shared on social media to steal your identity. IDSeal

can detect potential risks in social media posts that let you know what you’re putting out

there could be used against you.

Have you or do you have a Yahoo email account?

In 2013, all of Yahoo’s 3 billion users were affected by a data breach. The hackers

were able to get usernames, birth dates, phone numbers, and passwords.

Do you ever use a public WiFi such as at a coffee

shop, a retail store, airport, or hotel?

Many places have free WiFi but how do you know if it is secure or if it is

even legitimate? Just because you recognize the name of a WiFi connection doesn’t

mean it is really that WiFi network. It could actually be an imposter WiFi set up by a

hacker who wants to steal your data. Even if it is a legitimate connection, public WiFi

networks are often unsecure and vulnerable to cybercriminals who can intercept

your data. Think about all of the private information you share online such as

passwords, credit card numbers, financial information, or even medical information.

Using a VPN will help keep your information from falling into the wrong hands!

Have you ever visited a website that you thought

might be unsafe or not legitimate?

It’s easy to accidentally visit an unsafe website, and it can wreak havoc on

your device by installing malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, and more. Some

websites can trick you into revealing personal information such as your login

credentials, account numbers, your social security number and other sensitive

information. Much of the time, you won’t even know you’re headed to a bad

website. The IDSeal Safe Browsing feature will warn you before it’s too late.

Did you know that you are tracked online and this

information is stored on your device?

Every time you go online, items that track your browsing patterns, such

as browsing history, cookies, website data, and other information are stored on your

device and some of these items can be malicious. Clearing your browsing history and

deleting cookies won’t completely remove all of these items from your device.

IDSeal’s Browsing Tracks Scanner & Cleaner deep-cleans your device and reduces

the chance that your information can be stolen by cybercriminals!

Do you shop online then get followed around the

web with ads for whatever you searched for?

You probably don’t realize that when you go online, behind the scenes

there are companies, separate from the website you are visiting, that are tracking

your activity and collecting data on your browsing patterns. This data is stored on

your computer, and if a cyberthief gets access to it they can use it to obtain your

financial information such as bank or investment accounts, or even take out a loan in

your name!

In fact, researchers at Princeton University have issued warnings about web tracking

firms and their ability to abuse password mechanisms to steal usernames and email

addresses, increasing the risk of cybertheft. To help prevent this, they advise users to

install ad blockers or protection extensions!

Did you know that you might be watched or listened

to from the camera on your PC or phone?

Have you ever discussed your favourite shoes with your friend and then

find it on social media the next day? If you thought someone was listening in on you,

you’re right! Lots of apps use your microphone and listen in. You know who else

could be listening in on you? Cybercriminals and hackers. They are also able to take

over your webcam and spy on you.

This article was published on 03.03.2022 by Rebecca Krutina
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