Party Friends vs Business friends

In this article im gona touch on the 2 types of friends that are commonly in young entrepreneurs lives and although they both can be good for you only 1 type of group of friends is going to benefit your business

The Party Friends

These are the friends that have been around since day 1 and while you're all young they'll wanna go out to the bars ad clubs on the weekends and party alot of the times you cant afford to party because youre working to build your empire, you've changed your mindser, how you view things, and now know how to not work for someone else for the rest of your life while they are still working for some multi- billion dollar company and they're such in the rate race. Usually you try to invite these close friends to show them the way and they mostly ignore you or say you're crazy because there way of thinking isnt like yours anymore. This is not to say they're lower than you or are stupid but you've changed your mindset to that of an businessman/woman  and now the only thing you have in common with your close friends is partying and maybe some small hobbies like sports. This is the point where you have to realize you have  to expand your circle of friends to like minded people. This isnt to say you need to cut off all of your close friends and never talk to them again but at the same time you have to think about, what are they doing to help you grow your business? that can be anything from support to actually partnering with you and killing it.  if all they wanna do is party and will have nothing to do with your business hang out with them a little less often and love them from a distance and stay the course

Business Friends

These are the friends you wanna go into business with. people with like minded thinking. if you dont have any friends that think like you then you need to expand your circle of friends and start networking with people that do... notice how i did say expand and not get a new set of friends. you can have more than a few good friends in your life you just have to learn to seperate the 2 by category and show both sides love. the friends that are going to do business with you are the ones that you definitely need by your side and the ones you're going to be associating with the most overall. you may get a few friends from the party side that join the business side of friends but most of the party side wont come try to do business with you until they see you winning and realize that you were serious about the business that you are doing and you're killing it in a big way. The good thing about business is you get to pick and choose who you work with and you will share some of the most memorable moments with the people you do business with. Do realize that not all of your really good friends are gonna see the vision you're seeing and you wont be able to take all of them with you on your journey to success....thats just not realistic. Just make sure when you do make it to where you're going you don't forget about them along the way.

This article was published on 09.09.2016 by Deontae Word
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