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Would You like to Have Second & Reliable income That Can Vomit $11,760 for You l

Dear Friend,

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1. it’s not your employer's job to make you rich, it's your sole responsibility. So in order to be rich, you should have a plan to move from being am employee to being an employer, by saving, investing & have stream of income.

 2. Being am employee pegs your financial & material progress because someone else determines your salary & increase.

 3. Being an employee isn't secured, because it leaves you at the mercy of your employer's favors.

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 4. Being an employee makes you get only enough money as our employer decides, which is mostly below your real worth and value.

 5. Being an employee keeps you under constant fear of losing your job, offending your boss.

 6. Being an employee makes you exchange the most valuable years of your life for "salary".

 7. Being an employee makes you become leverage for your employers to create wealth. They convert your Time, Talent, Virtue, Knowledge, Skill, Energy, Sweat & Networks etc to personal & corporate wealth.

 8. Being an employee makes your personal vision & dream stay buried & subjected to the corporate vision & mission.

  9. Being an employee means someone else determines when you wake up, when you get home, where you live, or how you live. To resume as expected you either wake early or relocate close to your office, and your salary determines the level of life you live.

10. Being an employee keeps you and all your acquisition under monitor and suspicion. Every new thing you buy will be looked at in a funny way as though it was stolen.

 11. As an employee, your employer sees you as an overhead, an item of expenditure and replicable entity. Your employer's even have structures in place to replace you after getting all they can from you and through you. This is called SUCCESSION PLANNING.

 12. As an employee, end up with pittance called "retirement benefit" which hardly covers 20% of your living expenses at old age. lt's time to wake up and strategize on how to run your own business & provide for your own household now and forever.

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Oluwajana Adewale


This article was published on 24.10.2016 by Olu John
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