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New Tranzact Debit Card DBO and Double Rewards Card


What if I told you, you could own your own Digital Banking Business ?!

And you could earn monthly commissions every month, from a network of card users from all over the country, just because you started a DBO and created a team.?

And what if I told you that, in addition to the commissions, you also will earn Z buck rewards, dollar for dollar with your card purchases?

What if I told you that you will have access to the newest Z club shopping platform, where you can purchase food, clothing, electronics, shoes, and travel, where you can use your Z rewards.

Sound to good to be true? Well it’s true!

️If you are not interested in the DBO, you can still purchase the card and start earning Z club rewards for $25 for a lifetime membership !!

Please reach out to me, and I can help get you get started with this new amazing opportunity that is going to help you and your family have more money every month for food and money for before and after the holidays !

What is TranzactCard?

• TranzactCard is the digital and plastic transaction bank card

that and is the public facing brand of the TranzactCard

Financial Ecosystem.

Is TranzactCard safe?

• Yes! TranzactCard uses encryption to protect your data

in-transit and at-rest.

• We use many tools to make sure your account cannot be

maliciously accessed, and consider user privacy to be of the

utmost importance, and have built the TranzactCard Ecosystem

to keep your information safe.

Does TranzactCard offer joint accounts?

• Unfortunately, we don’t offer joint accounts at this time.

• If you’re the parent of teenager(s), you can open up to five

additional cards and set limits for each card for your teen to

have their own card and learn financial responsibility.

Does TranzactCard offer Business Business accounts?

• TranzactCard does not currently offer Business accounts. We

are currently always looking to improve our banking experience

and will offer business accounts in the future. Currently we do

not have an expected date when will offer this type of service.

Does Weekend and Holidays deposits

affect account timing?

• In the U.S. almost all funds being transferred between banks

move through the Automated Clearing House or ACH, so when

there's a bank holiday you may notice that funds you're

expecting to arrive will show up a day or so later than


• The main reason for this is simple, ACH doesn't operate on

weekends or bank holidays. This applies to all deposits that use

ACH, including payroll for most employers, unemployment or

disability benefits, and deposits you've initiated from your own

3rd party bank in our app.

What is the TranzactCard Financial Ecosystem?

• It is a privately developed members-only ecosystem that

includes state of the art financial technologies, an e-commerce

platform, for the purpose of creating economic uplift for its

member constituents in ways not available in any other product

or system in the USA.

This article was published on 13.11.2023 by Jennifer Thompson
Author's business opportunity:

Tranzact Debit Card - Digital banking, Free to join
DBO opportunity to earn commissions with your own digital banking company. Or sign up for the $25 rewards debit card. Reach out to me for this amazing new opportunity.

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