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Are you tired of trying to make ends meet every month? Do you feel reluctant to pay for 'grudge purchases' like insurance premiums? Do you wish you were able to save money or be able to buy assets that can work for YOU instead of you working for money? Well, of course, you do!

We have been in the financial planning industry for over 18 years and know that our clients hate having to pay insurance premiums. We know that most of our clients are underinsured and very few of them will be able to retire one day. We also know that without exception, our clients would love to not have to worry about their finances every month. It took us three years, but we found the solution.

We are able to help our clients create sustainable wealth and achieve Financial Freedom within 10 years.

We provide a step-by-step blueprint to your financial success, which starts with one small step...saying your dreams. No, it won't cost you an arm and a leg. No, you won't have to keep on recruiting people to achieve this. ALL you need to do; is to find the 4 people you would love to see succeed the most in the world, and inspire and motivate them to build their dreams. THEN, you need to teach them to inspire their own 4 friends. That is it! Be careful who you choose to join you on this exciting journey...I can assure you, they will be want to spend a lot of time with you in future. You will be their best friend for life!

Next, you need to make sure your own dream is big enough. If you are a little afraid of being let down again, you can start with a smaller dream, but I am hoping that you will be able to upgrade it to the wildest dream you dreamt when you were 17 within a matter of months. Once you have found your 4 people, you need to actively start putting your dream into place. We ask you to fill in some forms so that we can do a full Financial Needs Analysis for you. This is of the utmost importance! It is going to provide us with the backbone of your personalised plan. We will be able to assess how much risk cover you need, what your investment requirements are going to be and which types of assets would best suit your goals.

At this point, you will be earning some money from the network and we will be able to do an application to balance your risk portfolio and make sure you and your family are perfectly covered for all eventualities. No, please don't panic! This is NOT going to cost you any money from your current budget! In fact, you don't even have to worry about a debit order going off your account. We will make sure you are earning enough to cover this before it starts, and we will make sure the debit order goes through (from our central account). And yes, you will have all the necessary legal and policy documentation to prove it is your policy and NO we are NOT the beneficiaries. OK elephant in the room covered!

Now, in a month or two, your income increases and we make sure other areas of your portfolio are fully covered. We will be looking at your Life cover, short term car and household insurance, medical aid requirements, liquidity, retirement planning, estate planning, debt consolidation and any other financial need you may have at present. We will be using 50% of your net profits towards your Financial Freedom Solution, and you will get the other 50% to spend on yourself. Go ahead, spoil your family! They deserve it!

Once all the boring stuff has been taken care of, the fun really starts. Now we take a close look at your personal dreams. Where would like to be 5 years and 10 years from now? What would your house look like? What car would you like to drive? Would you like a holiday home? Where would it be? In fact, why stop at one when you could have a few? Would you like to travel? Would you like to start your own business? What makes your heart sing?

It is our vision, passion, and mission to see YOU financially free in 10 years. This means that you need assets to provide you with the income you require, so that you can spend your time doing what makes you happy, instead of what makes someone else money. We would love to see you owning at least 5 paid for properties, a sizable share portfolio and a few other assets that create multiple income streams 10 years from now. 

Lastly, we believe that it is every person's duty to leave the world a better place as a direct result of their existence. What would you like to do to make a difference in the lives of others? What will be your legacy?

If anything in this article resonates with you, whether it be living your dream, leaving a legacy or just not paying for insurance premiums from your own pocket, please get in touch with us. You can go to to find out a bit more and even fill in the 'join us' form and one of our success coaches will call you. We would love to help you achieve your goal of financial freedom.
This article was published on 14.12.2016 by Claire Newdigate
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